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    Best balance transfer and QFF points deal available now?

    Hi all Looking to tap into your collective expertise. Can anyone advise what is the best deal going at the moment that gives a QFF points signup bonus (don't care about points earn) AND includes an interest free/low interest balance transfer period? Cheers!
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    Making the most of status and points

    Keen to hear of any good strategies for the following situation, which I think would be quite common: I earn my status in Dom Y - some personal, mostly work flights. Currently QF SG and unlikely to change. We (me & the Mrs) earn our QFF points through those flights and our CC spend, amounting...
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    JQ checked baggage booked through

    I have booked JQ flights MEL-TSV and return as Classic Awards. On the QF website it shows my booking has 20kg of checked baggage, but when I view my booking on, it says there is no checked baggage on the booking. Am I going to have an issue at the JQ check in counter? Can I check...
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    *A status runs from Oz

    Does anyone have any tips on reasonably priced *A status runs from Australia? I have almost re-qualified for TK Gold which runs out in July 2014, but did all my travel with United/US Air/Air Canada when I was based in North America. Now I'm back in Oz and would love a 2-year *A Gold...
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    Managing multiple FF programs

    Hi there - 1st time poster, long time reader. Have a question for knowledgeable AFF-ers. I am flying MEL-AKL-LAX in December. By then I'll be Velocity Gold (dropped from Platinum :() and Turkish Miles&Smiles *Gold (thanks to their great status match program!). My question is, which FF...