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    How to make enemies...! [by weighing carry-on]

    I am incensed by people exceeding weight limits. Partly because of selfishness in taking more than their fair share of the overhead. But mostly because they think it is fine to put fellow passengers at risk of a permanent head injury or death if their bag falls from the overhead, just so they...
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    Window Shades UP or DOWN?

    I am not an infrequent traveller but always look at the view when below the clouds - it is one of the things I love about flying On one LHR-BKK BA flight, the FAs were merciless (and quite rude) in insisting that everyone had their shades down so people could sleep. That meant they didn't allow...
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    Flying Safe - Medics Onboard Qantas

    I am a nurse. About twenty years ago I had just landed in Sydney on a QF flight from NZ. The woman across the aisle couldn’t wake her elderly husband. I got him on to the floor and started CPR (after appropriate checks of course.) Two doctors turned up to help shortly afterwards – one helpfully...
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    QP member, wanting to get to J... has any QP member asked nicely... at QP desk...

    About 18 months ago my husband and I were waiting in the (fairly short) queue at Sydney to check in for a QF flight to HK (in Y). One of the staff took us out of the queue and directed us to the premium economy queue (as "they aren't doing much"), while there the check out guy from business...
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    LAX connection - any tips to mimimise wasted time

    Re: Check in luggage by QF for connecting AA flight under two separate tickets If you are concerned about whether they will find your AA booking on check in, call before and ask Qantas to link the flights. I've done that before and it works fine.
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    Theft from Domestic Carousels in Australia

    I had an interesting experience with luggaage a few years ago at LAX. Made a mistake on my I94 and had to re-write it, so got to luggage carousel when there where only a few bags left. One was identical bag to mine (Samsonite type duffel - quite unusual) and with the same rainbow webbing strap...
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    Why do we have to pay extra to Qantas to secure the ordinary seats we want?

    Such blind optimisim! In 2009 my husband and I flew Syd-JFK-Dublin with QF/Aer Lingus - booked as a single fare through QF. Actually it was a points redemption which makes me wonder if that is why we got such appalling service. It was before the $20 seat fee. I requested seats 3 months before...
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    Seeking tips re: USA travel itinerary :)

    No status - I just got upgrades because there were no small cars available. (They must exist - I just have yet to see one) I've hired with Budget, Alamo and Hertz in 3 states
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    Seeking tips re: USA travel itinerary :)

    I checked the Argus site after the recommendation by a previous member. I put in the same parameters as my current trip (compact car, 19 days, full insurance) and my deal from Nova was still cheaper (AU$600 total) than anything found by Argus
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    Seeking tips re: USA travel itinerary :)

    Subway - I'm usually only there for a day or two, so just do the 10 trip, but you can purchase and top it up at the machines at the subway Driver's licence - you only need an international licence if driving in a non-English speaking country. In the US and the UK you can drive - and rent a car...
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    Seeking tips re: USA travel itinerary :)

    It sounds corny, but it is also still worth going up the Empire State Building if you get a clear day. If you get there soon as soon as possible after it opens, there are few crowds - later the line gets too long. Good to do on your first day to get your bearings in the city.
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    Seeking tips re: USA travel itinerary :)

    I'm in the US at the moment. Lived here for a year and come back every year or two. Forget the shuttle from JFK. Take the train which connects to the subway or Long Island Railroad. Easy, efficient and much faster. (About 40 minutes as opposed to 90+) Buy ten trip tickets on the subway in NYC...
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    Re-entry to the US / unclaimed visa waiver form

    You do not have to send it to London. This happened to my husband and I rang the US Consulate in Sydney (though it costs money to ask a question!) They told me to send the green part of the I94 to them, which I did with details of when and where he left the US. He has been back in since with no...
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    Another car rental USA thread...

    Not sure about Ca but for many states in the US there is no such thing as an excess for car rental car insurance. So do not think your travel insurance will cover you as it does in Australia. In other words you will have to pay for the entire cost of replacement or repair up to the full cost of...
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    Is LAX really THAT bad?

    I go to the US annually on a J1 visa. As soon as the INS guys see the white envelope in the passport, they are incredibly friendly. I have never experienced anything other than great service (though I've heard of lots of horror stories from other people.) I too find LAX extremely fast to get...
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    New York - Midtown a good place to stay?

    I have rented cars in the US every year for the last 7 years and could never find out how to get around paying the high cost of insurance (doubled the cost) There are sites which offer low cost car insurance but the policies are only available to US residents. Orbitz offered all inclusive...