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  1. ike

    50% more Status Credits

    Good Afternoon, I have received a offer to get an extra 50% on Status Credits on flights to Bali. I have two questions to the group is it on return trip? or just going TO Bali? I know this is a strange question, but a good question. Part two of my question would you only get the double status on...
  2. ike

    QFF Cancellation - Thai Bhat

    I have booked and QFF Classic Reward ticket from HKT to KIX via KUL with QFF points. (Malaysian Airlines) I need to now cancel this flight due to change of plans, I called up Qantas last night and was told I have to call the BKK office as the taxes etc were in Thai Baht is this correct? Thank...
  3. ike

    JAL Status Credits

    I'm wanted to do this routing BNE HNL KIX BNE, can't seem to do it on Qantas website, but can do it BNE NRT HNL KIX BNE on JAL, we will be going buiness so the status credits I earn on JAL go towards to QF status? I understand I earn less points and I understand this might be a rooke question...
  4. ike

    Qantas Club -Bali?

    Just confirming what I think is right, I am a Qantas Club member travelling Bali to Brisbane on JQ. no lounge access at DPS? thank you!
  5. ike

    Qantas Club v Silver Member

    Hello there, Just wondering what members think is it worth chasing to be a silver member, if you are a Qantas Club member? What is the major difference? I'm a QC member for another 2 years or so as I was Gold and now dropped to silver but debating is it worth keeping silver, as I am a QC...
  6. ike

    Baggage rule

    i was ticketed QF 280K J reward ticket, the routing was QF OOL SYD BNE on QF then CX BNE HKG to JFK BA JFK to LHR all in business class, (all frown) now my question is we are in PE from LHR to HKG tomorrow then Y from HKG to KIX would my baggage allowance be J all the way?? I've tried to read...
  7. ike

    Refund of QFF points

    Hello All, Last Sunday on my Qantas flight from MEL to SYD I put in for a request to business class as it was a Airbus 330 and I wanted to travel on it, the upgrade fairy sent me a message and said enjoy your flight. About a two hours before the flight I got call from Qantas telling me due to a...
  8. ike

    QF codesharing with JAL

    Hello, just wondering how I can find out if Qantas code share with a QF number on JAL metal between ITM to HND or NRT. I like to book a reward seat from ITM to NRT then onto BNE on Qantas or HND to BNE via SYD. Looking to travel March 31st or April 1st/2nd 2017. thanks :p:p
  9. ike

    How long for a reward ticket to be issued?

    Hello There, I have booked a QFF reward ticket x2 last Friday BNE HKG JFK LHR KIX HKG BNE. On QF CX BA but the tickets have not been issued yet, also the points have not been deducted yet is this normal? I have the ESTA for USA if that holds up the ticket. How long for this sort of ticket to be...
  10. ike

    BNE to NRT / NRT to BNE QF61/62

    Good Afternoon, I am about to travel Y on QF 61 BNE to NRT 13/3 then back on QF62 21/3 was wondering if anybody can let me know what Qantas will be serving in the way of Food and Beverage. Will it be a late Bfast or Lunch offering? and full bar? And what snacks will be available during the...
  11. ike

    Alaska Airlines reward booking question

    Hi there , I have a reward booking from Seattle to Honolulu via SFO (some PNR) on Alaska Airlines on the QF paperwork I have to pay for baggage but in the Alsaka Airlines paperwork 1st bag is free which is correct??? And finally will Alaska combined the baggage we have 27kg in one bag, and we...
  12. ike

    Upgrade [restriced Economy (N) by "upfaring" - worth it?]

    Hi there, I am on multiple city ticket BNE SYD SIN own way to HKG back to BNE. I am currently on N (Bris to Sing) and Q (HKG to BNE) booking code and you can't upgrade on these codes. My question is could I call up QF (am a gold) and pay to upgrade to the next booking class in Y which allows to...
  13. ike

    Peach Airlines Japanese LCC

    Hello, Anyone had any dealings with Peach Airlines in Japan? Am going to Japan in May 2013 for 3 weeks and plan a side trip to Korea & Taipei , at the moment Peach with a great special to ICN & TPE for about 3400Yen so around $50AUD good deal. Peach is backed by ANA so should be find. So just...
  14. ike

    2 pax on one ticket - one cant make it

    Just asking for feedback, have a ticket on JQ OOL to MEL and return. Two of us on the ticke,t my partner cant make becuase of work. Should I call JQ and let them know? Or just check both of us in and tell them at the airport? (I know and understand that I wont get a credit or refund.) I am...
  15. ike

    No Bottle Water on JQi

    Just like to know if JQi has stopped giving out bottle water? A friend has just gone to Japan and he told me that JQ don’t offer bottle water anymore. When asked he was told that there is water fountain near the bathrooms. On the times I have flew with JQi always got a bottle of water. So just...
  16. ike

    Seat Counter site down

    Hello, We have two seats booked on QF73 SYD-SFO, (discount Y) on March 2nd 2011, and I am tring to see how full the flight is. Does anybody have any other sites I could look at? We are wanted a ABC or HJK without anybody in B or J. Was given a Y+ seats when we booked but due to a charge of...
  17. ike

    Need 380SC to get to Platinum

    Good Morning, I know this tropic may have been covered before, but I need some help to get 380SC to reach Platinum, need it by 31st Jan 2011. I have 308K in pts and my departure city is BNE. Would prefer to do as much as possible in one day, then another small run the following weekend. Just...
  18. ike

    Jetstar OOL- KIX delayed by 9 hours

    Hi guys, Just been looking at OOL to KIX flight status for today and noticed that it left at 1905 should have been 1005! And again tomorrow ETD is 1545, anybody of any ideas why? I wonder if the media will pick up on this delay. I am going to KIX on 3rd so hopefully departs on time at 1005am...
  19. ike

    Passport to USA

    Hello there, Just a question about Australian passport to USA, Mine will expire July 2011. Do I need 6 mths on it to travel to USA for 4 weeks in March? Also I have booked a reward flight on AA domestic, what are the baggage rules, for Gold Member’s? I have the international flight on a...
  20. ike

    JAL Status Credits

    Hi there, A question please about JAL Domestic flights - How many SC and FFP's would you earn on HND (Tokyo Haneda) to ITM (Osaka Itami) in J class as well as First Class? Can seem to work it out on the Qantas site. Thank you!