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  1. twoharts

    Outbound-Inbound price difference

    Hi All, I have been searching prices PER-BOG in J on Qantas under the current 'PREMIUM CLASS SALE'. I am 'curious' as to reasons why the out bound price is more than 50% greater than the inbound price ($3951 to $2564). I am "sure" the fees etc flying east are no greater than flying west but it...
  2. twoharts

    Altitude Black Rewards to QFF

    Hi, Have been looking but can't find a definitive answer. Can Westpac Altitude Black reward points be redeemed to Qantas Frequent Flyer points. I believe a "new"promotion by Westpac allows earned points to be "automatically" redeemed to QFF, is this also the case for existing Altitude Black...
  3. twoharts

    Free Qantas Club Lounge Pass

    I have 1 lounge pass free to a good home, expires end of August
  4. twoharts

    Free 2 qc passes

    Free, these expire at the end of August 2016 so less than a week to go Must assure they are for personal use and not for on-selling
  5. twoharts

    MEL Emirates Lounge Access

    We are traveling Mel-Akl in May in business, we are both Qantas FF Gold, I have been on both Qantas & Emirates websites for the terms & conditions for lounge access, they give conflicting conditions for access so therefore my question. Can we guest 1 guest each into the Emirates International...
  6. twoharts

    Free QP Invitations Free

    I have 2 Qantas Club domestic or Business lounge International Complimentary Invitations free to someone who can use them, they expire end December 2014
  7. twoharts

    QF28 J Seating

    Hi, we are traveling QF28 SCL-SYD early November, I believe it is an updated 747-400, I have selected seats 3 E & F which are in the nose area (the only middle seats in the nose), I have read here that these are "good seats" can anyone confirm this, we will have flown in from Bogota early in the...
  8. twoharts

    Santiago Lounges

    We are flying QF28 J in early November, I believe there are several lounges in Santiago, any advice on which to choose would be greatly appreciated, we have about 7 hours in transit arriving from Bogota at about 6am, Thanks in advance
  9. twoharts

    Qantas upgrade definition

    Hi This has probably been asked before, if so I 'm having difficulty finding it I am in the process of booking flights PERTH to BOGOTA for me and mine, departing late Sept/early Oct returning early Nov to Melb. I'm hoping to book and pay for economy(cheap as possible) and use points for...
  10. twoharts

    Qantas A330-200 in J 2-3-2

    Hi This is my first post, even though I have been "lurking" for for quite a while, the time has come Does anyone know if the Qantas A330-200's in J 2-3-2 have been phased out yet. I know qantas have/had 3 of these A330's in that config but I read somewhere they were "upgrading" or changing them...