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    What aspect of travel do you miss the most?

    I miss the planning. I miss the excitement of driving to the airport at dawn to catch a flight. I miss arriving home, parking in the driveway, and turning off the engine knowing I'm home. But most of all I miss not being able to flash my WP baggage tag around when lining up in the premium line...
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    Virgin Australia Financially Secure? [Now in Voluntary Administration]

    Or "Phoenix Airlines" Do we start a logo design competition? too soon? :) In all fairness I hope VA can find a way through to the other side and staff can return to work.
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    Coronavirus (COVID-19) Panic Buying?

    My business services retailers and many of our garden centres are/were doing very, very well. Unfortunately in NZ the shutdown has forced them to close just when they were pulling their biggest days ever recorded. (Vegetable) seedlings were selling rapidly and now in short supply. Also we have...
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    Virgin Australia Financially Secure? [Now in Voluntary Administration]

    Prime Minister says no plans to nationalise large companies such as VA. From the ABC feed: If you want to be pedantic he didn't quite rule the option out ;) It is just not part of the plan right now.
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    Any ideas if an offer (points/status) will come from VA anytime soon?

    My 2 cents: Offers such as DSC are very unlikely in the current climate. VA and other airlines are cancelling services and future schedules can not be relied upon (to say nothing of individuals cancelling plans). The last thing an airline needs is *more* bookings now only to have them cancelled...
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    Virgin Australia Financially Secure? [Now in Voluntary Administration]

    Another report here: UPDATE 3-Virgin Australia to cut capacity, fleet as coronavirus erodes demand and there is an article on One Mile At A Time speculating it will either be an A350 or B787
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    Frustration with Accelerate (Business Program/Portal)

    Also just to confirm: my Amex Velocity credit card *does* award bonus points for flights booked through Accelerate business portal.
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    Frustration with Accelerate (Business Program/Portal)

    I checked my CC and it lists as "VIRGIN AUSTRALIA 994030 BIRDSVILLE" Bookings through the main (public) website are listing as "VIRGIN AUSTRALIA 994010 WINTON" So I guess it is the same biller, but slightly different accounts at VA's end.
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    VA flights now (randomly) posting to Velocity quicker [Dec 2019]

    SYD-MEL for me today was posted in the 2 hours until I checked. I should have checked on landing!
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    Bye Bye BP ...

    A BP along my route had wrapped a BPMe banner around the Velocity sign. So anyway I filled up at Coles Express and was subjected to upsell pitches for lollies, drinks, and car fresheners that I don't need. <sigh>. at least the unleaded price was $1.33-ish which was on par with the BPs I pass...
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    Melbourne, Brisbane Virgin Lounges Always Overcrowded

    I've never found MEL all that busy in the morning (various weekdays between 7.30 and 9.30am). I've been in SYD once 5-7pm when high winds were causing flight delays and cancellations. *That* was busy, but everyone was respectful and friendly despite many having to sit on the floor. Beers were...
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    MEL - CNS Apr 2020

    Not the answer you want, but can you wait a few more days before booking? Double Status Credit promos typically appear mid-late Jan / early Feb. At last that has been the case the last two or three years.
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    Virgin website pricing issues to Auckland?

    I'm wondering if it is a promo relating to round trips? Having said that, earlier this week I booked a MEL-AKL-MEL trip and didn't notice anything strange. Nor on previous bookings.
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    Status Credit Bonus Offer and Status Credit Question

    DSC has in recent years been late Jan / early Feb, and this year there was another one in mid-May. Of course this is no guarantee. And it could be open, or targeted.
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    Pay day?

    Exactly the same for me.
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    Bye Bye BP ...

    Wouldn't the quickest, easiest solution be to offer a Flybuys bonus for those with a linked Velocity card? For example, 1.5x or 2x Flybuys points.
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    6 hours Lay in LA - Lounge Options

    Many years ago we had a similar length layover going from international to domestic. We got in a taxi and headed to the local shopping mall for a walk - just to get out of the terminal and get some fresh air. But going dom - intnl could be tight, especially with longer security lines now.
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    Europcar status match benefits

    On signing up to the status match program I got an email with a link to claim the prize. I think it came through instantly... didn't have to wait weeks/months for the offer to arrive. I claimed the free weekend last month. Picked up car from Adelaide airport Friday, dropped off Sunday. They...
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    What type of shop/store would you like to see at the airport that isn't usually there now

    Yes!!! More ice cream in general: in the terminal, in the lounge, and on flights. I've got a theory (and I'm sure others have had this long before me) that the fastest way to make passengers happy is to keep them fed. For me, ice cream would turn any flight in to a good one 😁
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    Virgin Australia Business Class - Meals, Menus & Service

    BNE-AKL same menu 🙁 went for salad which was nice but I prefer something more substantial. Dessert was fig and banana cake which was dense and made up for lack of volume on main 🙂 Was proactively offered nuts beforehand, and a selection from a tray of snacks later in flight. Chose orange...