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    Nice article found in the New York times
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    Unable to book J on points on QF

    Is there a reason why i am unable to book a ticket on J through points...i am only Bronze but have sufficient QF points to cover a J class booking. I cannot even see the option to book business. Tried different dates but no option to book Business.
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    Aegean Miles and Bonus for flying Silk Air

    I would like to know if I Aegean Miles and Bonus credits you with Miles flown on an SQ ticket and Flt number but on Silkair metal. Any past experiences would help. My booking is on Flexi-saver (W class) for the entire trip. Thanks folks.
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    Vietnam Airlines

    I need to book a few flights on Vietnam airlines...all domestic Vietnam flights. I am not sure of the official site as you get a few sites that seems to claim that they are official while the one that i think is official has been down the whole day...I think. Any help would be appreciated.
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    University staff

    I just want to know if there are any University staff members as members on this site. My new job is within the university sector and I have around 3-4 trips overseas msotly to north asia. I have just registered with Singapore airlines but looks like Cathay Pacific might be better frequent...
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    Hello from uniflyer

    I have just signed up at this site which I am informed is for frequent travellers. Just joined a university in a job which will require a few trips overseas and hoping to keep upto date with latest travel info etc.