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    Transit through SIN

    Hi have booked for an upcoming trip for transit through changi on separate tickets; MEL-SIN on Qantas metal and SIN-CMB on UL metal but booked on qantas (reward booking) Will qantas honor the booking for through checking of bags from MEL-CMB or will I be asked to collect bags at changi? Their...
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    Connecting at CMB

    Hi I have an upcoming trip where I will be connecting at CMB from UL to SQ on separate PNR. I have 2 and half hours to do that. Is that too tight? Will be in J in both flights coming into CMB and departing from CMB on SQ. Will i have to pick up my bags and check in again? I emailed the...
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    My recent changi experience with family

    Having made many trips over the years to the subcontinent through changi I have always been amazed at the overall functioning of Changi airport although my last few trips have been through other south east asian airports. Recently I had a trip where I was flying back to MEL with a long transit...
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    Through check baggage QF-9W

    Hi I have an upcoming flight on QF MEL-SIN and a separate SIN-MAA flight on 9W. The QF flight is in Y and 9W in J. They are on different PNRs and are a return trip. My question is will I be able to check my bags through all the way to MAA or do I have to check in again at SIN? Transit time is...
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    Which seats on MH new 333

    Hi I have an upcoming trip on the new A333 on MH in J medium haul and A332 for a short haul. Can anyone recommend good seats on both these planes? Particularly seats to avoid. This will be my first time on the new A333 by MH. Thanks Cheers HRS027
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    which is better FFP SQ Krisflyer or UA Mileage plus

    Hi I wish to know if UA mileage plus is a better FFP when compared to SQ Krisflyer. I have been a Krisflyer for the past 4 years but not gotten anywhere. I fly 3-4 times from Australia to asia. I managed to reach Krisflyer silver status once but that expired too soon. I read about UA's mileage...
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    First time on A380

    Hi I have booked MEL-SIN return on SQ Business class. My onward is on the 777-300 and return by A380. Looking forward to the A380 experience since I've never flown on it before.