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    RTW request with One World preference

    Hi AFF, I am trying to help a friend book the following: BNE/VCE/LHR or MAN/YVR/land/YYR/ATL/HNL/BNE 11/05/17: BNE/VCE (STOP) 26/05/17: VCE/LHR or MAN (STOP) 02/06/17: LHR or MAN/YVR (land to YYR) (STOP) 09/06/17: YYR/ATL (STOP) 14/06/16: ATL/HNL (STOP) 17/06/16: HNL/BNE Questions...
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    Citibank Rewards J bookings cheaper than

    I'm looking to burn Citibank platinum rewards points as the program won't allow transferring to QFF. 17,900 points will get you a $100 David Jones voucher. 15,000 points however will get you $102 off a J return OOL --> MEL. (Roughly 2,900 point saving!) have J OOL ---> MEL @...
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    7 days only - your 50% bonus Status Credits offer!

    Here it is... The much awaited offer. I had a sneaky feeling that Qantas would spring this after the double points offer. Who else got this offer? Time to book!
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    Domestic Short Haul J Class

    I recently completed J BNE--->PER and quite enjoyed the product on offer. Lounge Island dining, boarding, service on board and 3 course dinner were all WELL above expectations. I am due to fly a few short/medium haul J flights and would like some advice/opinion on what to expect. I will be...
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    Earn a bonus 20,000 points^ with new multi-city bookings at

    I'm sure the majority of AFF users have noticed this promotion on The question is how many of you have taken advantage of this promotion? Being for the first 100 bookings only, I would suggest that the bonus points have long been snatched up? Being a Worldwide booking engine...
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    Qantas Hotel Price Promise

    Hello Fellow Members! I seldom post on here but thought I'd give it a shot as I've been itching to ask: How does Qantas determine an "Australian Registered Website" as per the hotel price promise policy?,, are all posting cheaper prices for rooms in...
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    Bne ---> hkg

    Good Afternoon Fellow Frequent Flyers, I should start by reintroducing myself to this forum as I have only been "viewing" for quite some time. My name is Jourdan and I am a QP Bronze member looking at doing a SC run (to obtain Platinum!) in the near not so distant future. If I have posted this...