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    Cairns Qantas Club - Jetstar Flight no calls etc...

    I am also gold with virgin and I am pretty sure they call flights, and at the very least the staff can check delays etc. for you and the boards in the lounges are correct.
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    Cairns Qantas Club - Jetstar Flight no calls etc...

    This is a rant... So here I am sitting in the Qantas lounge and they tell me that they don't get calls for Jetstar flights. The monitors also won't be updated if there are delays. The computer in front of them tells them there is a delay but it might not be correct either. Every other city I...
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    Flying on Christmas day

    I am taking my kids away for the first time since Covid and we are flying out on Christmas day from Adelaide. Does Qantas usually do anything in the lounge ke on board? We will be ok the lounge at lunch time so hopefully there is some food the kids will eat as I doubt much else will be open!
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    Qantas Lounges will begin reopening from 1 November 2021

    Virgin is definitely closed out of OOL. Couldn't even find a human at the check in zone! Ghost town...
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    VA Status Upgrade Bag Tags

    I have been gold since mid June due to discover gold. Flown a couple of times. Have had no letter or welcome pack. Flown a couple of times, lounge in Brisbane was the same as lat time I flew through there 6yrs ago with less food and drink options, Gold Coast wasn't even open. Honestly apart from...
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    Anyone know if the Showers are open in QF Lounges?

    I am travelling remotely through QLD next week and flying out Saturday. It was supposed to be in the afternoon which gave me time to shower somewhere on the way back to the airport but offcourse lockdowns and QF cancels all their flights again so now it is earlier in the morning and I am gonna...
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    Does virgin charge extra for oversized bags?

    I have to take a bag that is total dimensions 247cm but under 23kgs, on Qantas I would just chuck it in oversized. I assume virgin is the same without any fees?
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    Virgin Australia Discover Gold (Status Match)

    I had hertz platinum a while back and ended up getting upgrades every time and lots of points for free hire. But that was 10 years ago. I hope they are still as good.
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    Virgin Australia Discover Gold (Status Match)

    So what is the best car company to get status with? Hertz or Europcar?
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    Virgin Australia Discover Gold (Status Match)

    My review date is today. Just says "Great work, you will maintain gold status!" I assume I will get a welcome pack eventually and a new card. 1622780323 How many of you are likely to move your main flying to Virgin from Qantas now you have Gold/Platinum on both?
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    20 Bonus SCs on AU DOM & Trans-Tasman flights (book by 2 June 2021)

    I flew today, booked yesterday. Only saw this at the airport when I was getting my card up. Probably missed out on it for this flight but will be useful tomorrow when I book to get home.
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    How long does points and status take to credit?

    Coming from Qantas I am used to status and points being credited basically when you land. How long does virgin take? I'm not in a massive rush but I do want to book some rewards seats that I need some flights credited for at some point!
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    Melbourne Virgin Lounge using old "The Club" Space - Overcrowded!

    Thai beef salad was good in Adelaide, extremely avg. in Brisbane this week. In fact everything in Brisbane was average at best.
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    Discover Gold - Is it worth staying with Virgin now?

    So I did the discover gold status match coming from Qantas. I know things are a bit different now with how things are running with Covid but I just wanted to add my perspective and get feedback from others if I am just being biased or things are usually different. Check-in - About the same but...
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    Virgin Australia Discover Gold (Status Match)

    I have applied for this offer but only because it won't cost me anything and I have previously taken a few flights a year on Virgin. Not sure if I really want to fly Virgin enough to get the 80sc though to retain the gold in 3 months. I will see how things pan out come January. If this travel...
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    I'm in the QF Lounge thread

    Spoke to soon. Now in the Adelaide lounge. Opened at 3pm. Flight is at 4:05. No beer on tap. Basic food. Full table service. Nothing to complain about.
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    I'm in the QF Lounge thread

    I am not in the lounge at Adelaide. Apparently they are only open some times. Check in doesn't know when. And the ale house is shut so no beers available.
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    Qantas lounges reopening 1 July 2020

    Does anyone know if they vallet's will be re-opening also?
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    Qantas extends current status Until at least March 2021

    This is good news for me. My status rolls of in January so will have til the end of next year as Gold now. I was looking at pushing Platinum this year but things stopped real quick the first week of Feb for me and doesn't look like picking up for months at least. Was due for a few international...
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    Priority baggage

    I think the only time I have had a priority tag is when flying business. Do I need to ask at check-in for one or should my qtag work? It's a small thing I know but I was off the plane and waiting at the carousel for 25 mins today. And I was in exit row so took a while to even get off the plane.