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    Booking VA through EY

    Can we still book VA seats with Etihad points? Prior to Covid the number of EY points for a VA flight was quite a bit less than the required VA points, so I would transfer points from my Amex card to Etihad and then phone them to book my reward seats on VA.
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    EY points for VA travel

    With VA now back allowing award redemptions, does anyone know if we can once again contact Etihad and use Etihad FF points to purchase a domestic seat on VA? Its always taken less Etihad points to get a reward seat than using VA's own Velocity points.
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    Beware the post-Corona domestic ripoff

    Many people will finish this crisis with domestic credits on Jetstar, Virgin and Qantas and will look to use them maybe for holiday flights. As a TA, I've looked at domestic availability to holiday destinations like Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast, Ballina, Cairns, etc and even in quiet, non-school...
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    Beware Qatar [COVID-19] refund policy

    Unlike most airlines, Qatar Airways currently have adopted a policy which in unethical and possibly illegal under consumer law. If you hold a ticket to a destination that they stop flying to they are still enforcing full cancellation penalties, even though they can't provide what you paid for...
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    QF says my anniv month is not whats on my card

    My QF FF card shows Jan as my anniversary date but QF says it is Sept and cancelled all my status credits in Sept. If my card says Jan then surely my anniversary month is Jan. I have emailed them numerous times, including a copy of the card, but they won't do anything. I've had/have trips...
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    Does JQ have a Priority Checkin for Business at MEL?

    Does JQ have a Priority Checkin for Business at MEL? Am flying MEL/SYD on JQ out of the int'l terminal in Business on a flight that continues to Bali.. You cannot check in online for this so have to check in at the desk. If they don't have a Priority line fr Business and I have to line up with...
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    When transferred AX points dont appear and EY doesn't care

    Transferred points from Amex to my Etihad Guest account on 26 Jan. EY confirm they got a transfer from Amex but haven't added the points to my account. I have phoned 5-6 times and they just say they'll escalate the issue. Amex can't help. A transfer that should take 3 days is now over six weeks...
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    Qantaslink B717 info

    Can anyone advise if the Qantaslink Boeing 717's have any kind of inflight entertainment? Have to do a number of flights Sydney to Hervey Bay. I know the Virgin flights have their inflight entertainment phone app but I have no idea if the QF flights have anything that might keep kids amused.
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    Qantas Fleet

    According to the almighty Wikipedia, QF have only 8 aircraft on order, all A380's and all have been postponed. Their twelve B747-400's are slated for replacement between 2016-2019. Where is the fleet replacement? The 787-9's have been cancelled and every other aircraft on order (B787-8's and...
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    Is a VA Int'l 737 diff from a VA dom 737?

    I am booked to fly in Business from BNE to SYD and my screen is telling me the flight is operated by a Boeing 737-800 operated by Virgin Aust Int'l for VA, so I assume this is an aircraft they normally use on their shorthaul int'l flights to Fiji, NZ, etc. Does anyone know if there is anything...
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    Aust shortest int'l flight

    What do you think is the shortest (by hrs & mins) international flight to or from an Australian airport? It must be a scheduled airline service available to the public, not FIFO or charter. I think I know the answer but wanna see if someone can come up with one better. To start you off its less...
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    Front row on Jetstar A320

    Just went to book JQ for BNE-SYD and noticed the left side front row are being sold as Exit Row extra legroom at $25 pp additional whereas the right side front row are just Near The Front seats at $12pp additional. Seatguru shows both sides as being extra legroom so does anyone know why the...
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    Why is SYD-BNE now a shorter flight than SYD-MEL? Its a longer distance yet for both QF and VA the timetable has SYD-MEL at 1hr 35mins and SYD-BNE at only 1hr 30mins. Is the time spent taxiing at Tullamarine soooo much longer than in Brisbane? When I was a youngster flying in the 727s SYD-MEL...
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    VA to Coffs & Ballina

    VA flies daily to CFS and BNK using wither B737s or E190s yet they do not sell Business Class on these flights despite the aircraft clearly being configured with these seats. I asked them how does one get one of these seats as they don't appear on the plan even at full economy fare. They said...
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    Fresh from The Forest

    G'day there from The Forest in Sydney. I have been an airline and commercial aircraft buff for 45+ years and a travel agent for 35+ years. I've been through the Pilots Strike, the SARS epidemic, the Iceland Volcano, Ansett going under, downturns and recessions. I remember Qantas flying a DC4 to...