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    Cairns Qantas Club - Jetstar Flight no calls etc...

    This is a rant... So here I am sitting in the Qantas lounge and they tell me that they don't get calls for Jetstar flights. The monitors also won't be updated if there are delays. The computer in front of them tells them there is a delay but it might not be correct either. Every other city I...
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    Flying on Christmas day

    I am taking my kids away for the first time since Covid and we are flying out on Christmas day from Adelaide. Does Qantas usually do anything in the lounge ke on board? We will be ok the lounge at lunch time so hopefully there is some food the kids will eat as I doubt much else will be open!
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    Anyone know if the Showers are open in QF Lounges?

    I am travelling remotely through QLD next week and flying out Saturday. It was supposed to be in the afternoon which gave me time to shower somewhere on the way back to the airport but offcourse lockdowns and QF cancels all their flights again so now it is earlier in the morning and I am gonna...
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    Does virgin charge extra for oversized bags?

    I have to take a bag that is total dimensions 247cm but under 23kgs, on Qantas I would just chuck it in oversized. I assume virgin is the same without any fees?
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    How long does points and status take to credit?

    Coming from Qantas I am used to status and points being credited basically when you land. How long does virgin take? I'm not in a massive rush but I do want to book some rewards seats that I need some flights credited for at some point!
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    Discover Gold - Is it worth staying with Virgin now?

    So I did the discover gold status match coming from Qantas. I know things are a bit different now with how things are running with Covid but I just wanted to add my perspective and get feedback from others if I am just being biased or things are usually different. Check-in - About the same but...
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    Priority baggage

    Does Qantas even do priority bags anymore? I don't think I have seen my bag come out even in the first half on any domestic flight in the last year. Priority boarding is now working ok sometimes but collecting bags is the bit that actually wastes time.
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    Virgin Australia Lost and Found

    Hi all, Last Thursday at lunchtime I was in the Virgin Lounge at Brisbane Domestic. I have since discovered I lost my camera and I have tracked it down to being in the rental car or at the lounge I had it last. I have tried ringing several Virgin numbers to get some information on if it was...
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    J reward booking BNE-ADL OCT 8

    Hi guys, I have been looking at booking a J reward seat BNE-ADL on the 8th of October for 2 x pax. Most flights are showing the price but it is dimmed out and I cannot select tickets. Doesn't say sold out or anything. I have enough points but just can't book the seat for whatever reason. Any ideas?
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    Seat selection issue

    Hi guys, Been a while since I have posted on here (or even been on here). Have done 0 travel in almost 18 months so been out of things a bit. Anyway I am finally getting a holiday and have booked business class to Darwin. I selected 3A and 3C for me and the wife shortly after booking. I just...
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    Mum kicked off plane for refusing to comply with crew instructions on take off

    Virgin Australia: Breastfeeding mother kicked off flight A WOMAN has been kicked off a Gold Coast flight after she refused to stop breastfeeding her baby during takeoff. Virgin Australia has come under fire for calling Federal and local police on Virginie Rutgers, who was breastfeeding her...
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    Custom Branded Carry On Luggage

    Hi all, I am currently doing some research into some custom carry on bags for my company. Originally we were just looking at getting some bag tags made up for all our staff who travel to make it easier to identify checked luggage as someone would always want to go to the toilet, grab a smoke or...
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    Qantas DSC Offer - Trying to get to Silver on a MASA

    Hi all, I am 90 sc short of reaching silver for the first time. I have managed to get a couple of weeks off over christmas/new years so the wife and I are going to head to the Gold Coast for a week to visit some friends. I am looking at flights on a MASA on the 30th/31st December and can do...
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    Help - Qantas Freight, does anyone have a contact or any suggestions?

    Hi all, I hope your all having a great weekend. Unfortunately mine is turning progressively worse due to Qantas and in particular Qantas Freight. I have a package coming from NYC that left on Friday week ago and arrived in Sydney on Tuesday afternoon or Wednesday morning. From there it has been...
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    QF5 this Sunday (29/09/13)

    Hello all you super insightful flight enthusiasts, I am travelling on QF5 from Sydney to Singapore this Sunday in Economy. Plane is currently showing as a 744 so I have selected seats 70j/70k for myself and my wife (we are heading off on our honeymoon). I booked these seats months ago but...
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    QFF Points buying bulk Coke

    Hi all, So I have been a professional lurker on this site for a while now and have gained some good advice so far which has helped boost my points quickly. I am in need of buying a bulk quantity of softdrinks (60 cartons), Water (2 Pallets) and Powerade/RedBull. Now being that I want to get...