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    1x Complimentary Qantas Lounge

    Hi all I have a free 1x Qantas Complimentary Lounge expiring 14/11/21 which i doubt ill use before expiry date So drop me a message if you want it. Need QF number & also last name.
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    Complimentary pass & Dubai Partner lounges

    hi all The Dubai Qantas Lounge is a partner lounge with Emirates i think just seeing if the Qantas complimentary pass will let me in there before the long haul back to Australia?
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    Fast track to gold status with qatar

    Hi guys If you can afford business class, here’s a quick way to get gold status with one Qatar airlines trip
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    Exchange - Qantas Complimentary lounge ticket Exp 8/3/20

    Hi all have a Qantas Complimentary lounge ticket Exp 8/3/20 but not flying till End of June Just seeing if anyone wants to do a swap?
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    hi from Sydney

    Hi to all you frequent flyers While my work does require me to fly at all, happy to start travelling around the world