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    Apartment in Paris - Lodgis?

    We spent a week in Paris in January 2010 and booked an apartment through a US based company called "Vacation in Paris' Paris France vacation apartment (flat) rentals and tourist accommodations.. They have 100 or so apartments that they manage and the one we selected (ID #74) was perfect for us...
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    USA with kids - advice please!

    Since you are going to be in Orlando anyway I would suggest going to Disneyworld rather than flying back to LA and going to Disneyland. Having done both, Disneyworld is so much more impressive - bigger, better/more rides, etc. ...mzy
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    Tokyo Night Club

    From memory the Hilton Shinjuku turns the lobby bar into a salsa dance club on Sunday nights. ...mzy
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    Connecting thru LAX and SFO

    Hi, Mrs mzy and gf will be flying SYD-LAX-JFK in a week or so and then returning a couple of weeks later JFK-SFO-SYD. At LAX, she will fly into TB on QF11 and then out on QF3233 from T4. At SFO, she flies into T3 (QF3078) and out of T8 (QF74). I was wondering whether anyone can give a heads...
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    Your travel in 2008....monthly updates

    All done for September13 Sep 08 QF 3103 LAX/JFK 4,934 25 13 Sep 08 QF 011 SYD/LAX 14,982 45 10 Sep 08 QF 368 ICN/SYD 11,646 140 1 Sep 08 QF 367 SYD/ICN 11,646 140 Monthly Total 43,208 350All done for the QFF year too (Oct-07 to Sept-08) QFFs 395,377 SCs 4,380
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    Your travel in 2008....monthly updates

    All done for this month... August 01-Aug QF 002 BANGKOK/SYDNEY 10,539 120 10-Aug QF 123 SYDNEY/MUMBAI 14,191 160 10-Aug 9W2305 MUMBAI/DELHI 885 0 15-Aug CX 638 DELHI/HONG KONG 2,930 80 16-Aug CX 412 HONG KONG/SEOUL 1,589 80 22-Aug...
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    Vaccinations for Thailand

    I normally refer to the Travelvax web site for these questions. Travelvax Australia ...cheers, mzy
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    Disneyworld Orlando help

    But off course it wasn't really Cocoa was 1164 Morning Glory Circle, Warner Brothers Ranch, West Oak Street, Burbank, California...just down the street from the Partridges. ...mzy actually 1164 was Darrin and Samantha's place, the Partridges were across the street and the Nelsen's...
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    Experience with Qantas FF shop

    A positive story for a change... I purchased a carryon set for Mrs Mzy from the QFF site and it arrived within three days. Me thinks I am one of the lucky ones? good luck...mzy
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    Disneyworld Orlando help

    Hi Kiwi, I will be holidaying at DW in Sept this year with myfamily (Mrs Mzy & kids). We are staying at the Contemporary resort for 4 nights booked online thru Small World Vacations, Inc. - Walt Disney World Vacation, Disneyland Packages, Disney Cruise Line Vacations and Adventures by Disney...
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    Mumbai Transit

    Thanks, will see how I go. cheers, mzy
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    Mumbai Transit

    Hi Folks, I am flying to Delhi next week and will be transiting thru Mumbai from a QF flight to a Jet Airways flight. Last time I did this (about 12 months ago), I need to cram my laptop and camera bag together so that I was only carrying one piece of carry on. Does anyone know if they still...
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    Your travel in 2008....monthly updates

    June 03-Jun QF 001 SYDNEY/BANGKOK 10,539 120 06-Jun QF 002 BANGKOK/SYDNEY 10,539 120 29-Jun QF 187 SYDNEY/HONG KONG 10,308 120 MONTHLY TOTAL 36,386 360 July 04-Jul QF 128 HONG KONG/SYDNEY 10,308 120 04-Jul CX 411 SEOUL/HONG KONG...
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    TripIt Online Itinerary Planner

    I have been using Mobimate's Worldmate Live for the past couple of months (the free one not the premium one). Not only do they provide an online itinerary web site but they also have software for Windows Mobile Devices and Blackberry devices, allowing you to sync to your PDA or phone. Works...
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    Your travel in 2008....monthly updates

    23/05/08 PVG – HKG 939 QFF points 60 scs 23/05/08 HKG – SYD 10308 QFF points 120 scs 18/05/08 SYD – PVG 11005 QFF points 140 scs 15/05/08 BKK – SYD 10539 QFF points 120 scs...
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    Metal Cutlery on QF - possible is anything

    I am not really fussed whether the cutlery is metal or plastic. I would be more concerned about Amanda Vanstone running around with a box of pencils. :) ...mzy
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    March 2008

    10 MAR 09:30 SYD F 16 MAR 12:00 HKG WING 19 MAR 17:45 ICN CX 20 MAR 07:20 HKG WIND Happy to host...mzy
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    February 2008

    11 Feb 9:30-11:00 SYD Qantas F ...mzy
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    QP Lounge Meetings - January 2008

    27 Jan 09:30-11:00 SYD Qantas F 27 Jan 18:00-19:00 HKG Wing F ...mzy
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    Getting the Most out of flybuys?

    Try swiping your FlyBuys card twice at Coles - once at the start of your transaction and then once again after you have paid, ie. so that it is registered for the following customer. I have been doing this for a few months now and I get away with it about half the time. Occassionally, the...