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    Can I still earn SCs/Velocity points on Air NZ flights?

    So I'm planning a trip to NZ (start of September), and I was hoping to experience Air NZ Premium Economy one last time but given the relationship breakdown and the October divorce settlement, will I earn SCs and all that on a flight if I was to book it today? I can't seem to find anything on...
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    "Excuse me Sir, You've tested Positive for explosives."

    Once I was in a hurry while returning a car to SYD domestic, and splashed some petrol on my shoes. Of course, I was selected for the swab test at the Virgin Lounge priority entry, and before the lady even started I told her I had some petrol splash on my shoes, her response was "That's...
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    Get out of JetStar flight

    You are correct, it looks like I'm stuck with the Starter T&Cs even if I upgrade to Business Max. I'll look into the tax refund though, but there's no mention of it anywhere on their website.
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    Get out of JetStar flight

    Hi All, I'm a non-JetStar flyer and bought a flight between MEL > KUL about 6 weeks ago. I'm supposed to leave in a few days, but since then, I've come across much better connecting flights with SQ, and want to rebook with them. I've got a starter fare which has no cancellation benefits, so...
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    Air Canada YVR > MEL flights all year round TL;DR: Air Canada's 3-times weekly direct flights between Vancouver and Melbourne will become permanent from June 2018, and not just seasonal as they are now. Could...
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    Flying to Canada...

    Thanks for the input all! After a few dozen itineraries and price checks, I've found Delta to be the best in terms of cost vs SCs vs time. AC flights seem to be quite high in their price tag of $2,900 in discount economy. Delta is quite a lot cheaper and for a little bit extra get to travel...
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    Flying to Canada...

    Thanks for the input everyone, I definitely hadn't considered some options. Sadly SQ don't fly direct to the US. Transit via Asia to West Coast, and via Europe to NYC, and costs twice as much! My last trip to Canada was with AirNZ via Auckland and Vancouver. Unfortunately I couldn't claim the...
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    Flying to Canada...

    Hi all, I'm doing some preliminary research for a Canada trip in mid-2018 (Montreal to be precise), and just realised that VA offer codeshare flights on AC, although you don't earn status credits (but do earn velocity points?). I'd rather maximise my status credits rather than points, and seeing...
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    VA Partner Updates (July 10th 2017)

    Disappointing changes with AirNZ. Was thinking about ditching Velocity and accumulating Airpoints instead before this announcement, but this made it easier to cut off Velocity. Much easier to earn points within the StarAlliance than a handful or airlines. To clarify, Airpoints can still earn...
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    VA Gold baggage on Air New Zealand seat only ticket

    As far as I'm aware, you can't get 'seat only' for long-haul flights, which the Honolulu one would be. You will automatically get one checked bag.
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    Melb gates 15/17 priority screening

    Where is this mysterious priority entry in Sydney?? I've never been able to find it!
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    Baggage allowance on Air NZ as a Gold member

    Hello, I've got a flight coming up in late Feb from MEL > DUD, connecting in CHC. From my understanding, I'm allowed my 2 free checked bags from MEL > CHC, but are they still free when flying to the domestic route to DUD? The 2 flights were booked as separate bookings, due to last minute...
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    Flying CHC to DUD with Air NZ - No Status Credit

    How do I see those fares? It only gives me the option for Seat, Seat+Bag, The Works, and Flexi. I can't see any other fare types.
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    Flying CHC to DUD with Air NZ - No Status Credit

    I'm travelling to Dunedin for some work in mid-Feb from MEL via CHC, all on Air NZ, and wanted to make sure I got Velocity status credit for all my flights. However upon checking the NZ domestic connection, it turns out all tickets (From Seat to Flexi Plus) only offer a 'G' fare class, which of...
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    The Velocity Status Run Master thread

    I reached silver with 245 points, the 5 point margin was comped. I wasn't paying attention anyway since I had a whole heap of other upcoming flights, was quite surprised when I received the Silver Status email short off the points. If you don't have to meet any deadlines, wait 3-4 days until...
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    Domestic Air New Zealand SCs

    About 3 weeks ago I was in NZ for work and flew between Wellington and Christchurch with Air NZ. After my trip, (about a week ago) no SCs had been credited so filed a missing points claim, only to receive an email from Velocity advising me that the flight booked wasn't able to earn Velocity SCs...
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    Should I use my points to buy annual lounge access?

    Yeah, I'm most likely to reach gold by November. I'll go the paying option then, thanks!
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    Should I use my points to buy annual lounge access?

    I've been considering joining the Virgin lounge for some time now, and since I've become a Silver member, I don't have to pay the joining fee. I've got around 22,000 points and if I was to use them, I'd pay only $150 for an annual membership instead of $300. The way I see it, I can use use my...
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    Velocity lounge access while flying Air NZ to NZ?

    Yeah, that's what confused me, there are too many conditions, but I guess the T&Cs are the main ones. Thanks guys!
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    Thank you Virgin staff!

    I just wanted to share my story of travelling to Sydney on Friday morning that could've ended quite badly! Due to traffic in the morning, I arrived at the airport just as the flight was starting to board, having no checked bags I quickly made my way through security, got to the gate, got on the...