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    AMEX Platinum Charge Card - *150,000* points!

    AMEX has revised the offering on their premium Platinum Charge Card to 150,000 sign-on bonus points. This offer, linked here which is set to expire on the 28th of August. The 150k bonus points is a reasonable deal for this card under the new Amex scheme! Unfortunately there is a catch and it's...
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    BA changing partner award prices

    Not good news at all. BA had become one of my new favourite programs.
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    ATO (tax office) payments by credit card

    I know that I’m also super late to the party, but if anyone was willing to PM me the details of the @ferni method, I would be most appreciative!
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    Reduced AMEX earn rates from April 2019

    I like the Coles Platinum Rewards Mastercard personally. No foreign exchange fees, and an effective earn of 1VA pt / $, assuming you transfer from Flybuys to Velocity during one of the regular 15% transfer bonus periods.
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    Convert Explorer to Platinum Reserve

    Definitely worth a try and I’m sure with the upcoming changes others would be keen to find out how you get on
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    Velocity platinum amex - lounge pass for additional card holder

    The lounge pass definitely needs to be on her Velocity profile for her to be allowed access. I tried calling Velocity numerous times to get mine transferred to someone else and they wouldn’t do it. Another option I’ve thought of since is to call the lounge directly and explain the situation and...
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    Reduced AMEX earn rates from April 2019

    You’re totally right about the Mastercard, I’d find it hard to live without a Mastercard or Visa card of some description. If I was in your situation and apply for the Platinum Charge (and Reserve) I’d be dropping the Explorer as I don’t think it really offers anything in the new world...
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    Reduced AMEX earn rates from April 2019

    Yep your not misguided and it is why a lot of people are keeping the card. Depending on your spend breakdown the Platinum Charge could actually earn you more points after the devaluation than before as the effective base earn rate is increasing. If you use a number of the benefits, the Platinum...
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    Reduced AMEX earn rates from April 2019

    The Reserve companion card still exists and provides an extra $400 travel credit so is worth it for sure. The best way to apply, if you are interested, is to ring Amex and get them to post or email you out an application form.
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    AMEX Platinum Charge Benefits - Q&A

    I agree, there would probably be a handful of people, that I’m aware of, on here that have the Edge as their companion card.
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    Velocity Referral - 2,000 points after first 50 points earned

    Hi all, Same deal as above too! You’ll earn 2000 points if you apply through the link and earn 50 points by 30 April 2019. I’ll get 1000 points for any referrals. Appreciate anyone that is kind enough to use my link, the referral points will go to good use...
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    AMEX Platinum: how long for benefits to activate as a new cardholder?

    They seem pretty automagical, I’ve never had to renew the benefits that I’m signed up with, but I don’t use them all.
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    Bag fee when WP/SG travelling with partner airlines in NAmerica

    I’d be interested in hearing if they acknowledge the included baggage or try and charge you again
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    Reduced AMEX earn rates from April 2019

    The 18 month rule seems to be pretty rigorous, I’ve seen a couple of posters mention exceptions on here, but very few.
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    15-45% bonus Qantas Points on transfers from cards (possibly targeted)

    Definitely no registration for this offer!
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    Strategy to obtain US Amex

    I haven’t done it, but I did ask them about it and apparently they are converted using the currency exchange rate (ie AUD to USD in your case). No idea how long a transfer takes.
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    Strategy to obtain US Amex

    You don’t have to close an Aust card to open an OS card under their Global Transfer Program. You just ask the Global Transfer team to assess your application. Phone numbers etc are on the Amex site
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    Good cards for overseas travel

    The Coles Platinum is a good credit card for os spend - no fx fees and you’ll earn 1VA pt per dollar (assuming you transfer from flybuys during a 15% bonus period). Citibank and ING are of course great for cash out
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    15-45% bonus Qantas Points on transfers from cards (possibly targeted)

    They are open to those who have made a Amex -> Qf transfer before. If you haven’t I don’t think you’ll qualify for the bonus.
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    Register on Qantas Website for an Additional 10,000 Points

    20k points credited here for two applications. Happy times!!