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  1. Mr H

    Star Alliance Redemption - Open Jaws and Stopovers

    Sorry for starting a whole thread on this but a search turned up no results. I am looking to do a Star Alliance redemption in the far future using KF miles - route: MEL-SIN-ADD-(stop)-JIB ASM-ADD-SIN-MEL ADD - Addis Ababa JIB - Djibouti ASM- Asmara (Eritrea) The MEL-SIN-ADD route could be...
  2. Mr H

    Wishing your life away

    I have been churning for a couple of years, but really started doing it in earnest a few months ago. I have noticed myself getting ever so impatient, waiting for card to be approved, waiting for cards to arrive, waiting for points to post, waiting for the 12 (or 18) months to elapse... I wish it...
  3. Mr H

    Card Promotions 180k Altitude Points for Black Mastercard - only received 150k

    So I signed up for a black Attitude Mastercard on the promise of 180k points. Just need to spend $6k. Great - lined up nicely with the KF 15% promotion. I received the card, spent the 6k, but only got 150k Attitude points. Bummer. I have requested immediate closure of the card - if Westpac can't...
  4. Mr H

    How do Qantas classic awards on oneworld airlines work?

    Buoyed by the imminent opening of the borders, I decided to book an overseas trip using Qantas points. I am a first time redeemer with QF but have redeemed with other programs in the past. I am surprised by one or two things I am discovering and I would be really grateful for...
  5. Mr H

    Dream Tracker

    Glad VA has set up a dream tracker for me. Gotta have a dream...
  6. Mr H

    300 bonus Velocity points - the worst Flybuys offer ever?

    Get 300 bonus Points* on your first Auto Transfer from Flybuys! Mr H, turn on Auto Transfer today and for every 1,000 Flybuys points transferred to Velocity you will receive 500 Velocity Points*. Plus, if you transfer before 17 June 2021 you will also receive 300 bonus Velocity Points on your...
  7. Mr H

    ANZ Rewards Black - prepaying a card to enable car purchase

    Here's the deal. I have an ANZ Rewards black card. It has a credit limit of, say $10,000. I am looking to buy a car that costs, say $80,000 and I have sufficient funds in my ANZ current account. Can I transfer the $80,000 onto my credit card to create a credit balance, thereby allowing me to buy...
  8. Mr H

    Flybuys - 2,020,020 Velocity Points Prize Draw

    It's 2020. New year, new prizes, new you Mr H, it's out with the old and in with the new year... Welcome to 2020! To kick-off the year, we've got 2,020,020 bonus Velocity Points up for grabs, plus a stack of flybuys points to give away exclusively to our linked flybuys and Velocity members*...
  9. Mr H

    Reward flight rescheduled (EK404) - will QF spring for a hotel?

    I have a redemption in F - MEL-SIN-CGK//CGK-SIN-MEL. The final sector is with EK in F. It has been rescheduled for nearly 19 hours later. Apart from the additional cost of having to stay in Singapore overnight, I can live with the change and I have verified that there are no suitable alternative...
  10. Mr H

    Jetstar Asia legs on Qantas premium redemption

    I have just made a sweet redemption for April - MEL-SIN-CGK in QF F and 3K (Jetstar Asia) Y - and CGK-SIN-MEL in 3K Y and EK F. It would have been even sweeter if I had made it a fortnight ago. :) Now I knew the deal with the Jetstar Asia legs when I booked, so this isn't a complaint as such...
  11. Mr H

    SQ611 - ICN-SIN brought forward from 11.20 to 09.35 tomorrow - any chance SQ will spring for a taxi?

    Flight brought forward to avoid a typhoon with 12 hours notice - sounds sensible - but my plans to get public transport from Seoul to ICN look shaky. Any chance SQ might spring for a taxi?
  12. Mr H

    A bonus you wont want to miss (100 pts per 2000 flybuys)

    Receive 100 bonus Velocity Points for every 2,000 flybuys points transferred!* Hi Mr H, Here is another way to fly faster! Simply transfer your flybuys points to Velocity before Sun 31 Mar 2019 and you’ll receive 100 bonus Velocity Points for every 2,000 flybuys points transferred...
  13. Mr H

    Beware AMEX - additional cardholders not covered

    I know everyone reads their insurance PDS really carefully (yeah, right...) but just wanted to flag that AMEX credit card insurance does not cover additional cardholders if travelling without the primary cardholder. Came very close to getting burned on this one.
  14. Mr H

    Relative value: QFF and Velocity points

    I have collected QFF points for a few years now, mainly through credit cards, basically just because... I have also accumulated some Velocity points, mainly through flying and Flybuys. I have no status and fly infrequently. I like to use redemptions for premium cabin flights but I know some...
  15. Mr H

    KrisFlyer - Australia to Central Asia

    Looking to fly to Central Asia open jaw and I have some Velocity points that could convert to KrisFlyer. Never used KF before and wondering whether routing MEL-BKK-IST-ASB on TG-TK-TK would be allowed as a standard one way SW Pacific to Central Asia award or does the IST connection complicate...