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  1. Claudius

    Asiana or ANA membership? *A

    Hi, I will be flying to Korea a fair bit next year but I continue to fly to Japan as part of my work. Changes at my company means we now have a partnership with ANA and thus our tickets are booked with them for Japan (I fly J). Korean trips I am free to book whichever company I wish, usually...
  2. Claudius

    Qantas App

    For a long time I run the Qantas app on my iPhone 5, then I upgraded to the iPhone 5s and the app refused to work. Basically it shows my status and details but none of my booked flights. I have tried entering the flights manually, all that achieves is return to the main window with no flight...
  3. Claudius

    Having huge issues with the Qantas website

    Hi, I'm trying to book some very specific flights, QF9 MEL-LHR then BA462, for some reason this flight is not on offer, even though there is plenty of time to make the connection. When I try to book using multi city, QF9 doesn't even show as an option and I must use QF1 instead, anyone knows a...
  4. Claudius

    DONE5 American leg questions

    Hi, Im booking some DONE5 tickets, the American parts of this trip appear to automatically upgrade to F, do they count as F for point purposes or J? Can a DONE5 (paid) be booked through the Qantas site to earn additional points rather than the OneWorld site? Thanks in advance.
  5. Claudius

    Greetings from Spain

    Hi All, I’m a Spaniard relatively new to MEL; I have relocated here permanently after a temporary relocation turned permanent. Melbourne is one of the best cities to live in, so I’m very happy to be here, sadly it seems the weather played a bait and switch with me. I travel regularly to back...