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  1. AstroBBoy

    Changing loyalty from Qantas to Virgin ?

    I've been thinking about this for a while now and my recent interactions with Qantas is pushing me further in the direction of moving my loyalty to Virgin & Star Alliance. I've been loyal to Qantas for a long time now, and have had a bunch of reward flights across difference cabin classes and...
  2. AstroBBoy

    Cancelling a Hotel paid for with a Points Club Voucher?

    Has anyone had any luck with changing or cancelling a hotel booking made with a Points Club (Plus) voucher? I was going to be flying out of Brisbane later in the year but Qantas moved all my international flights and now its easier for me to fly out of Sydney. Unfortunately I booked a hotel...
  3. AstroBBoy

    No e-ticket emails on changed flights?

    I have a few international flights (business call reward seats) in June/July on the one ticket and have had to ring up the call centre twice resulting in 10 hours on hold in one day. After Qantas moved my first flight forward by 24 hours I couldn't get my connecting flight. This was sorted on...
  4. AstroBBoy

    Flaw in Qantas Points Club Calculations

    I keep all my qantas point transactions in a spreadsheet (I'm a nerd). And in doing so, I noticed there is a major flaw in the way that Qantas Club points are calculated. When purchasing an item through the qantas mall, the Frequent Flyer points are sometimes not allocated for a few months...