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  1. folken2k

    EK Chauffeur service with infant

    Hi all I'm after some feedback regarding using the EK chauffeur service with infant in Australia. I'm guessing there's no such issue for destinations such as KUL or SIN. Has anyone requested a child seat? If yes, how much was the charge (if any)? Anyone had issues with a 18 months old when...
  2. folken2k

    QF last minute award seat release

    Hi all I have a question about award seat availability. I got 2 J seats booked in Aug for SIN-MEL but would like to extend my stay by 1-2 days if possible. Does QF release more seats as you get closer to the departure date (e.g. within a week)? Thanks F2K
  3. folken2k

    Chauffeur service EK flight via QF Classic awards

    Just booked some classic awards seats and I'll be flying MEL-KUL on EK409. Am I eligible for the chauffeur service from EK? Cheers
  4. folken2k

    Can you get ASA on EK flight

    Hi all I got a newbie query. I'm trying to find 2 x J class return for MEL-KUL in JUL/AUG. For the dates I'm after I noticed there are J classic awards seats available for the MEL-KUL leg but just Y class for return. (1) Is it possible to book JASA on an EK flight? (2) How can I find out if...
  5. folken2k

    My first post

    first post! Came across this great site a few months ago but never got around to register... joined last week... :) really like the travel tips and those related to FFP.