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    Connecting thru LAX and SFO

    Hi, Mrs mzy and gf will be flying SYD-LAX-JFK in a week or so and then returning a couple of weeks later JFK-SFO-SYD. At LAX, she will fly into TB on QF11 and then out on QF3233 from T4. At SFO, she flies into T3 (QF3078) and out of T8 (QF74). I was wondering whether anyone can give a heads...
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    Mumbai Transit

    Hi Folks, I am flying to Delhi next week and will be transiting thru Mumbai from a QF flight to a Jet Airways flight. Last time I did this (about 12 months ago), I need to cram my laptop and camera bag together so that I was only carrying one piece of carry on. Does anyone know if they still...
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    Access to first lounge

    Hi guys, I am currently a SG with only 80 SC’s required before I qualify as a WP. I have a J class trip to Asia this weekend which should take care of the SC’s but my question is whether I will be able to use the new first lounge on the way out on this trip? Any ideas? …mzy