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  1. richie9x

    Any recommendations for accomodation near OOL?

    Was wondering if anyone had any recommendations for accommodation near Gold Coast Airport. I have to pick a friend up from an early fllight, so thought I might as well stay the night before. Wotif lists about 10 places close by (with in 2km of the airport). Or would I be better off staying a bit...
  2. richie9x

    Platinum One Avis offer

    Just got an offer from Qantas for P1s for a complimentary weekend rental of a car from Avis. Quite a good freebee as you can choose any car in the Avis fleet.
  3. richie9x

    Flights late after Jetstar forgets daylight savings in NZ

    Jetstar forgets daylight savings | I know Jetstar takes a lot of flack, some rightly and some wrongly. But this is seems to be shear incompetence.
  4. richie9x

    Merdeka and Lebaran in Jakarta, Jogja and Singapore

    For the past the past 10 years I have spent my birthday in a different country. This year was no different. A friend invited me to attend the Merdeka (Independence) celebrations in Jakarta and a side trip to Jogja. However it coincided with an extra-long weekend in Indonesia and a lot of flights...
  5. richie9x

    Flexi Fares on Virgin Domestic flights

    I recently flew two domestic flights with Virgin as flexi fares. In the end I was a bit underwhelmed with what was offered. The first flight on a 737-800 VH-VOM. This plane had live2air but with a refurbished interior, but an old paint job. From what I could tell all economy seats except for...
  6. richie9x

    Seating selection changed

    For an upcoming flight BNE-DPS I had originally selected a seat 3F about a week ago. Now when I look at the booking online I have been moved to 4A. All of row 3 is occupied. Although I haven't flown Virgin all that much, maybe 10 times in the last 12 months, this is the first time I have been...
  7. richie9x

    Jetstar domestic to international

    For an upcoming trip to Flores, Indonesia it looks like Jetstar is the best option to get me to Denpasar to catch domestic flight. I need to fly on a Thursday so will have to go BNE-MEL-DPS. I'll be travelling with carry on only. Can I check in at BNE domestic all the way?
  8. richie9x

    Priority economy seat purchase through a travel agent

    One of the benefits of Qantas platinum is the "Priority Economy seat purchase" where you can purchase a ticket on the flight that is shown as booked out. It looks like I might have to use this benefit for a domestic flight on Monday. Pretty much all the flights BNE-MEL from about 10am until...
  9. richie9x

    A bigger Platinum One shadow?

    On a recent domestic 737 flight that was lightly loaded I was sitting in 4A, there was no one in B or C. Also 5A and B were free, but there was one guy sitting in 5C. On the other side of the aisle 4D, 4F, 5D and 5F were all occupied. I just thought I was lucky to have no one seated near me. I...
  10. richie9x

    Change in FF details on boarding pass

    I just checked in for a Qantas flight tomorrow and something seemed different on the boarding pass. I had to compare it against an old boarding pass but the FF details in the service information section have changed. Up until at least last Sunday it use to be like "FF PLATINUM ONEWORLD E...
  11. richie9x

    AKL Helicopter crash while installing Christmas tree

    Some dramatic footage of a helicopter crash on the Auckland waterfront today. Looks like the pilot was lucky to avoid serious injury. Helicopter Crash On Auckland Viaduct Basin Christmas... |
  12. richie9x

    Strange and unusual carry on item

    A couple of weeks ago flying from MEL-BNE a woman seated a few rows behind me brought an unusual carry on item on the plane. A human spinal cord and pelvis. Not sure what happened to the rest him. Has anyone else seen anything as unusual as that?
  13. richie9x

    Virgin Velocity Market Research Survey

    Today I received an email invite for a web based survey from Velocity, it seems to have been triggered because of a flight I made on Tuesday. It was relatively short survey. One webpage with about 10 questions. Although it was titled as a Velocity survey it was mainly about Virgin Australia in...
  14. richie9x

    F & J in 777 vs A380

    I am considering flying to AKL on Emirates over the holiday period. Given the current special for mixed first and business fares, it is looking like a good deal. I was planing to fly from BNE which would be on a 777-300ER. But I have been thinking of instead going via Sydney to get on the A380...
  15. richie9x

    Why do hotel rooms often have phone next to the toilet?

    One thing that has puzzled me about hotel rooms is quite common to have a telephone my the toilet. It seems to be the more upmarket the hotel the greater the chance they will have a toilet phone. I mean most people don't have a toilet phone at home (or maybe they do?!?) why have on in a hotel...
  16. richie9x

    Melbourne Qantas F check in and lounge as a platinum

    I am about to make my first international trip from Melbourne as a QF platinum. Have a few questions to make the most of it. From what I gather I am able to use the first class check in at Terminal 2. Is this the curb side entrance next to Terminal 1? I am on QF 133 departing at 5:30pm. What is...
  17. richie9x

    Jetstar code shares on Qantas flights?

    A few weeks ago I flew on a different flight than normal - QF613. I was surprised to see that this was also a code share with Jetstar as JQ6613. I was aware of QF code shares on JQ flights. But this was the first time I noticed a JQ code share on QF. Is this new? First I thought it might have...
  18. richie9x

    Car rental from Avalon airport

    In September with a friend I am planning to drive the Great Ocean Road using a rental car. I was thinking of renting from Melbourne Airport, but have been toying with the idea of flying into to Avalon (with Jetstar from Sydney) and renting from there. But will be wanting to return the car to...
  19. richie9x

    SC and FF earn from flights changed at next gen kiosk

    Some times when I check in a bit early for at the next generation kiosks at the airport it offers to change me to an earlier flight. Although not always. Some times flying direct BNE-MEL (or vice-versa) it offers an indirect route BNE-SYD and then SYD-MEL. Usually this option will leave BNE...
  20. richie9x

    Getting the best from a Amex Corporate green card

    I have got into the position where I will be spending more on my corporate amex card primarily on travel (Qantas ticket, hotels, restaurants, taxis). At a level where it is now well worth my while to pay the fee to join the rewards. I want to get the best out it. Any advice or pointers to...