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  1. Gredgy69

    Restricted access to Etihad Lounge in Sydney

    VFF, I was wondering why the access to the soon to be opened Etihad lounge in Sydney will be restricted to only passengers flying to AUH? From all the press releases over the last year or two they indicated the lounge was going to be a shared lounge with access for all Etihad and Virgin Business...
  2. Gredgy69

    Liking a comment

    For some reason as of this morning I have not been able to post a like on any comments. The like button at the bottom of the comment screen has disappeared. Does anyone know how to get this back?
  3. Gredgy69

    Syd to JFK via LAX

    I was just perusing the VA website for flights to New York when I found SYD to JFK via LAX in J (bus saver)for $5,761 return. Dates I was looking at were 21 May to 20 June 2014 (on VA1/VA6690 and VA6572/VA2). It was about $900 dearer the PE saver both ways and substantially cheaper than regular...
  4. Gredgy69

    Multi City flights

    Hey guys, I have another question this time regarding the ability to do multi city flights on the VA website. I have found it frustrating not being able to do multi city scenarios and was wondering whether that capability was going to be added anytime soon? I am looking at a trip to US and...
  5. Gredgy69

    Point & SC earn on Upgrade Me Premium bid

    Can anyone confirm whether you earn points and sc's on the original fare purchased or on the upgraded fare (when using Upgrade Me Premium bid)??? I have had a quick look through the t & C and didn't see anything definitive other than for upgrades using points. To me it looks like you might as...
  6. Gredgy69

    New member, 2nd post

    Gidday all, looking forward to adding my two cents worth to upcoming threads. Heading off to Perth on Wednesday with the family in VA J to meet 2 of my 3 newly found brothers. All very exciting.