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    DSC offer for flights before end Feb 22

    Lets see, think I will cancel and get full points refund, my problem is that I live normally in 4217 and booked my runs from OOL but I am stuck in Perth for another six months so I also dont know when we will have unrestricted travel to/from WA?
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    DSC offer for flights before end Feb 22

    I booked a few reward tickets when the last DSC offer was current for flights taken before the end of Feb 2022. Given all the current lockdowns etc do you think there is any likelihood of QF allowing a date change that would take the date AFTER original final date and be when hopefully there...
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    What will happen when i arrive in Fremantle?

    Just been updated on board, we Aussies and ALL OTHER pax will be allowed to disembark in Freemantle on 18th, Australians are being directed to self isolate for 2 days, being 14 less credit allowed for time travelled since last stop in Columbo, even though nobody came aboard or left the ship as...
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    What will happen when i arrive in Fremantle?

    Out of the sky and onto the water, I am on a cruise ship that left the Seychelles 16 days ago, stopped in Columbo for bunkering and resupply where no one came on board or hopped off as Sri Lanka had closed it borders to cruise passengers. We were heading to Asia previously but with current...
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    Qantas Business Class customers bumped to economy in Tokyo

    Maybe we could all use a VPN to book our QF flights and make our booking appear to be coming from a country in Europe, if we were downgraded we should be able to claim compensation under the Euro system?
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    Overbooked: 2 boarding passes for 1 business-class seat (LATAM-QANTAS)

    My understanding (information provided to me at one time by QF reservations premium) is that QF control the inventory on the LAN code share flights from Aus. Surely this would make QF responsible to offer compensation for denied boarding?
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    QF enforcing 3 hour checkin time limit at MEL?

    I remember a year or so ago checking in AKL-MEL (overnight stop MEL)-KUL-AMS-LHR then to Pisa Italy and they held the checked baggage overnight and transferred to MH as far as AMS then transferred to BA for the next two sectors and when we arrived in Italy the bags were there to meet us, not...
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    Mac bank Hilton Hhonors credit card question

    Just noticed that Mac Bank do not offer the Hilton card any more and I called them to confirm and it is not even available to existing (other) card holders with Mac. I think i wont be letting mine go as an easy way to Plat. each year and I have also confirmed that the "year" for the 40K spend is...
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    New Boarding question?

    Yesterday I was lined up at gate 22 in CNS for JQ flight to OOL and at the boarding desk, when my boarding pass was scanned, I was asked (as I had exit row seat) had I sat in an exit row previously, I responded "yes" and then I was asked what I thought was a strange question "How long ago" or...
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    Oneworld separate ticket interline changes

    I have a booking AKL-SYD-CGK (overtnight in CGK) then next day to DOH, after arriving DOH I have a separate booking (QF points redemmption) to MAD. The transit time between flights is only 60 minutes, the minimum Qatar allow. Travelling all sectors U class What are the chances of bags being...
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    ATM that dispenses $US

    I have a US account (denominated in US$) and was hoping to be able to withdraw $US without any conversion costs, but if I withdraw max allowable the local AUD fee of $3.50 would be OK.
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    ATM that dispenses $US

    Thanks pjm, did you by chance withdraw any US$, as I was wondering how the conversion (if any) would work, ie would they change the say $100 US into AUS and then back to US at their rates or if I used a US based card, would it just be a "stright deduction" from the account, plus maybe an ATM fee?
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    ATM that dispenses $US

    Can anybody help out with info on any ATM in Aus that dispenses $US, the ANZ used to have a few around the place but they have all disappeared and also the CBA had some (Brisbane Queen St Mall and others) but they were also removed about six months ago. I did find an article on google that said...
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    Using points to retain Platinum ...

    Myself and Mrs B held P1 for 2 years, then WP which expires shortly but have only earned about 50 SC in the past year as we have been using points for all travel, in the past many domestic and OS to AKL, HKG, SIN, LAX all in bus. We both received offer to purchase WP for 120,000 which we...
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    Qantas dividend to increase? [JQ Scratch Cards]

    Just to add, just hopped of an Alaska flight from LAX-SEA and the cabin staff were offering credit card application forms for the Bank of America Alaskan Visa and I grabbed one and noticed that the bottom of the form had cabin staff details for payment of an "incentive?" Very impressed with seat...
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    Qantas dividend to increase? [JQ Scratch Cards]

    Noticed that JQ is running a scratch & win competition with "gift cards" sold on board, They are selling 250,000 @$5.00 each ($1,250,000 total) and the total prize pool (including 3,500 FREE replacement gift cards and 3,500 HOT DRINKS is valued at JUST UNDER $50,000 by Qantas. This may leave...
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    No lounge access for QC members with Airnorth redemption seats

    I booked a redemption ticket online, JQ from OOL-CNS and then TL (Airnorth) CNS-GVE for flight today, just arrived CNS earlier this morning and was informed by the "lounge guardian" that had I not arrived on the JQ flight, I would not have qualified for lounge entry prior to the CNS-GVE sector...
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    ATO (tax office) payments by credit card

    Anybody noticed on the "easypay" website, the box for credit card fees now displays a lot of different rates, MC & V are different, debit cards are different again and the one to top it off was the "excessive" fee that they charge for paying with an "international credit card" It was horrific...
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    Oneworld Explorer ticketing

    Forgot to ask, but maybe an obvious answer, can you use the AA desk if you wish to credit to QF?