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  1. Eija

    AFF on Air Discussion thread

    Thanx Matt, I always listen, learn & enjoy. Eat, Drink, and Be Merry. But be forewarned at the next AFF Social Event I will have an Elephant Stamp and I won’t be afraid to use it 🤡
  2. Eija

    Japanese whisky

    Yikes, as soon someone mentions Japanese 🥃 the price goes up $100!!! Hibiki 12 if you can find it. Hibiki 17 is nice, I last purchased for $320…5-6 years ago. Now $1,899 @ DM.
  3. Eija

    Annual NZ Dinner: CHC 19 March 2022 [Cancelled]

    Well bugger me Aunty Cinda is still persisting with her Elimination Strategy. EK 1K to QF 1F to Just Photoshop Yourself in :confused:
  4. Eija

    Chauffer Service
  5. Eija

    SIN lounge crawl 12 June 2022

  6. Eija

    Annual NZ Dinner: CHC 19 March 2022 [Cancelled]

    BOOM! EK 1K SYD-CHC gone again this morning :( March 2022 Annual NZ Dinner became my April 2022 Chasing the Easter Bunny around the South Island. Time to rebook for May 2022…and so on and so forth. Covid will not beat this little black duck.
  7. Eija

    Free Qantas PJ's and some slippers to give away

    Thank you for your kind gesture. I’ll play the game - Aotearoa, six months in a Motorhome should cure my wanderlust. But, I’ll send you two pairs of L/XL Qantas PJ’s(unused) if you pick me. No one has ever become poor by giving.
  8. Eija

    AFF Gathering #15 in NTL on 22 – 24 October 2021 **Postponed**

    Thank you very much for organising.
  9. Eija

    New Zealand Reports of the Virus Spread

    New Zealand just went into Stage 4 Lockdown.
  10. Eija

    Qantas extends status extensions until June 2022

    My year ends 31 January 22 and have retained WP until 31 January 2023 (Status Credit Boost 600 + Flying 740). My Status Credit Rollover seems to be 500. Provided I book a flight between 11 August 2021 and before 31 January 2022 for travel before 30 June 2022. Also confused about 40% & 500SC but...
  11. Eija

    AFF Gathering #15 in NTL on 22 – 24 October 2021 **Postponed**

    Flying out Sunday QF1567 16:10. Accomodation not booked yet.
  12. Eija

    Emirates awards booking under QF flight number?

    Seems to work properly from admittedly not QF8765
  13. Eija

    Annual NZ Dinner: CHC 19 March 2022 [Cancelled]

    Well bugger me - the 19th! In a moment of madness whilst celebrating The Bubble & return of EK412 in November(now January) I made a booking for the Annual NZ Dinner on 12 March…at least I guessed CHC correctly. Colour me - I'm not sure if I’ll hang around for a week.
  14. Eija

    AFF Gathering #15 in NTL on 22 – 24 October 2021 **Postponed**

    Just booked MEL-NTL-MEL…what could possibly go wrong :rolleyes:
  15. Eija

    QF New Zealand Fly Away Sale

    Check again, I'm on now looking at sale fares.
  16. Eija

    Cairns Hotels?

    Just be aware that there are Horizon Club rooms & Horizon Club rooms far, far away! Stayed once in 43 or 44 - it's a long walk! Only entrance, reception, lifts, horizon club, restaurant, bar is all in the South Tower.
  17. Eija

    Adelaide dinner 1 May 2021

    At The Collins bar in a comfy seat.