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  1. snabbu

    2021 F1 Thread

    Perez to partner Verstappen in 2021 with Albon relegated to the reserve driver role. Not suprising really, they gave a couple of Red Bull drivers a shot to try and push Max along with no success so why not try an established driver. Goes somewhat against the whole RBR philosophy of bringing a...
  2. snabbu

    Unable to use QF points for AA awards

    Attempted to book a QF award for short domestic US hop over the weekend and was unable to do so online. Plenty of availability. Called QF and was told yes the inventory was there however AA had temporarily removed the ability to book awards using QF points. I didn't bother to HUACA and instead...
  3. snabbu

    Stuck overseas, how to obtain the four squiggles during COVID?

    I'm wondering how ex pats living abroad will be able to achieve the required four QF numbered flights with all the current travel restrictions and quarantine regulations? With the international fleet grounded and no firm date for the resumption of services (specifically transpacific) how are QF...
  4. snabbu

    Last Minute Points Booking question

    Looking at booking a very last minute trip with EK to USA. I've noticed F seats become available on my route approx 48 hours before departure each day. In the past with QF award bookings it can take days/weeks for a successful award booking to actually be ticketed. Are there any ticketing...
  5. snabbu

    Last Minute Hotel bookings

    What strategy do people use for last minute hotel bookings? Like flying into a city in the afternoon with no hotel reservation... is there a favored method to finding cheaper last minute rates? Have signed up for the Hotel Tonight app as it seems to be what I'm looking for but haven't used it...
  6. snabbu

    Reality check please

    Haven't booked a domestic fare for a while and feel I'm missing something. Looking at a simple Y fare SYD-BNE-SYD departing 19 or 20AUG and returning 22 or 23AUG. QF lists cheapest SYD-BNE on the 19th $400 (518) with every other flight for the day $450 or more. 20th seems similar. Coming back...
  7. snabbu

    QF: SFO-ZQN $AUD810 RT

    In case anyone missed it over at FT a great fare was posted a couple of days ago that still prices up and is available. Awesome fare for folks based on the west coast. QF: SFO-ZQN $634, but limited dates. - FlyerTalk Forums
  8. snabbu

    150 points for a quick 20 sec survey First 100,000 account holders.
  9. snabbu

    MH: LHR-MEL $3400 in J

    Seems like a great return fare ex LHR, doesn't seem to work ex MEL. Credit to FT. Mh: Lhr-mel $2,451 rt - FlyerTalk Forums
  10. snabbu

    JQ SYD-HNL-SYD $478 fares are back

    Once again the sub $500 AU-USA fares are back. Limited dates as usual but if you can make them work a great way to get to LOTFAP for a SC run out of HNL. Sample dates:
  11. snabbu

    20% off headphones @ Bing Lee

    Might be useful for some, Bing Lee 20% off all headphones online or in store. credit to ozbargin
  12. snabbu

    QF SFO-SYD-AKL limited dates $US308 AI

    Another cracker deal ex-USA return with what seems limited dates but as they say if you can make them work it's a sweet deal. The Flight Deal | Qantas – $308: San Francisco – Auckland, New Zealand. Roundtrip, including all Taxes
  13. snabbu

    LAX/SFO-AKL via SYD $364

    Amazing deal for folks who are in US and wanting a quick trip over this way. Aa: Lax/sfo-akl $212 rt - FlyerTalk Forums
  14. snabbu

    Smoke/Explosions in Brussels

    Brussels airport 'explosions': Reports of two blasts as smoke rises from terminal building - Telegraph Hope it's not too serious...