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  1. adamonline

    Citibank online banking update

    Citibank has finally updated their online banking experience and it a quick look shows it is a step in the right direction. As promised they now allow consolidation of any previous multiple user ids that you created for the purposes of activations and PIN changes. On first sign in they will ask...
  2. adamonline

    NAB Velocity cards

    After NAB made their changes to the NAB Qantas Platinum Card it looks like they've turned their attention to the Velocity cards. A note with my statement outlined changes to the Velocity NAB Gold card to bring the points earn on the Amex card to $1 = 1.5 points. The earn rate on the Visa remains...
  3. adamonline

    BMI Diamond Club - What to do with left over miles?

    Just wonder what people thought about the closing of Diamond Club for non-UK members? I managed to redeem most of my Diamond Club miles when the writing was on the wall but I have several thousand left over. The notice to AU / NZ members is: Is this really just saying they don't know what...
  4. adamonline

    Points transfer to Thai ROP. How long?

    Has anyone on the board had any recent experience transferring Membership Rewards points to Thai ROP? The AMEX site says it takes "up to 5 business days" to process a transfer but I was hoping to make use of the current redemption special on Thai that finishes on the 12th. I'm hoping someone...
  5. adamonline

    Jetstar Price Beat Guarantee

    Found this new offer on the Jetstar homepage this morning The Jetstar Price Beat Guarantee Very similar to the "Double the Difference Voucher Guarantee" in terms but offers to beat other airfares by 10% instead. This promotion is valid for bookings made November 23rd 2008 to February 23rd...
  6. adamonline

    Virgin Blue Happy Hour - 13th Feb

    Looks like DJ were feeling a bit left out after yesterdays domestic air fare wars and has put up a better than usual Happy Hour today. Melbourne to Adelaide $39 Melbourne to Canberra $39 Melbourne to Hobart $39 Melbourne to Launceston $39 Melbourne to Newcastle $39 Sydney to Gold Coast $39...