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  1. FuzzyAUS

    2016 Amex Centurion Benefits

    Hi Everyone, Just kicking off a new thread for this year.. ============================================================================ Ill update the list below as much as possible 2016 Benefits List (nothing new, ill edit as something comes out, if I miss something please let me know
  2. FuzzyAUS

    Orlando to Munich (MCO - MUC)

    Hi Everyone, I am heading to Orlando at the start of November for a work conference, flying QF, SYD-LAX-DFW-MCO, I was going to come back the same path however I have been given the option to go to a conference in Munich too, I wont make it back to Australia and then back to Munich in time, so...
  3. FuzzyAUS

    2014 Centurion Benefits

    Lets get the new thread for the new year happening
  4. FuzzyAUS

    Qantas Voucher - Its expiring soon, any good ways of extending it

    Hi Everyone, I have $1000 voucher sitting in My Bookings in QFF login.. it is expiring at the end of this month.. I dont have any travel to book in the next few days so am trying to figure out ways to extend the voucher... Any great ideas? Thanks Fuzz
  5. FuzzyAUS

    QF11 delays [in General]

    G'day all, Does anyone in the know happen to know why QF11 is delayed at least 3 hrs today? I am on the phone to them now so they can sort out my connecting AA flights but they don't know if its a delayed incoming or a tech issue. On better news i did win at the upgrade lottery and have...
  6. FuzzyAUS

    Real time updates - EG Who is in SYD FLounge now?!

    Hi Everyone, Im sitting in the Syd FLounge having breakfast at the moment (Heading to Auckland on LA800 for 2 days work).. chances are there is someone else from AFF in here too. BUT as i dont know anyone in person, just on here there is no chance spotting someone. SO i have a question, is...