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    QF 93 - a night flight

    I just booked a trip to visit the USA late Feb/March next year. QF 93 seems to be a night flight now, rather than a morning departure/also landing in LAX the morning. Any insight whether Qantas might revert back to the old timetable anytime soon (by end of Feb)? I haven't heard any reasons for...
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    Less Corporate Travel Long Term?

    Those of you who work for large companies which typically have a hefty travel expense line item - have you received any subtle (or direct) messaging that they like the expense savings so much that they are going to be much stricter about who travels/how often, when COVID-19 is not a concern?
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    Tell me what your crystal ball says

    I believe it to be 100% certain after today's press conference that our Melb to QLD Sept school holiday trip will be cancelled (resulting in my 2nd wait for a Qantas REFUND, but I'm sure it will come when the flights get cancelled). So those of you who like predicting the future - do you think...
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    Qantas international flight in departing 1 Oct

    Wondering if anyone is in a similar position and what are you doing about it? I have a Qantas ticket MEL to LAX return. It is a 1 week trip departing 1 Oct which was booked in early March via American Express travel (to use the voucher that comes with the Qantas branded AMEX cc). For what it is...
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    Quick answer needed - double status credits

    Hi - if i book via the AmEx travel site to use my AMEX travel credit will I still get the double status credits (I'm registered) - holding my fare now for another 7 minutes. Thanks! PS - times up - I booked. Fingers-crossed I get the double SCs.
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    HKG lounge question (family access) - flying CX economy - Q Platinum status

    Hi. My family (2 adults, 2 children) are flying to Japan via HKG on CX economy. I am Qantas Platinum - my husband and kids have zilch status. What lounge access rights will we have and what lounge is most accommodating for kids? After reading various footnotes, I'm not convinced that there...
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    CX (Cathay Pacific) - will they check bags through?

    I will call CX, but am wondering about people's experience. Early next year we have the following flights for our family of 4. Booked on a single booking reference. Day X - fly CTS (Sapporo) to HKG landing 20:55 Day X+1 - fly HKG to MEL departing 10:25 Will Cathay check us through when we...
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    What are my lounge options

    Hi - I'm Qantas platinum and booked on a business Emirates flight (NOT a code share with Q - pure Emirates). What are my lounge options in the following cities: MEL - departure Dubai - departure Delhi - departure Dubai - layover (and I will really want to shower and am concerned that if I...
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    Air Canada Melb to Vancouver (direct)

    Hi - we are flying on this flight soon. Eager to hear experiences (on time? late? food quality? etc). We are seated in premium economy so definitely interested in hearing from anyone who has flown Air Canada premium economy long haul recently. Thank you.
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    Boeing Max 8 - Australian Travel Insurance [Cover for choosing not to fly on it?]

    My family of 4 is going on an overseas trip in 14 days that involves a number of flights. One flight from Canada to Maui is on a Boeing Max 8. Neither Canada nor the USA have grounded the Max 8 - and despite 3 phone calls, Air Canada will not waive their flight cancellation policy (4 tickets...
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    Shanghai lounge options for Qantas platinum status

    Trying to figure out what my lounge options are - or more importantly, if I have plenty of time (as in too much time as I wait for a late flight), where I should park myself give the limited lounge options. I'm flying Qantas out of Shanghai - I am platinum. I don't care how far I have to walk...
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    Which lounge at Tullamarine

    Flying Cathay on Wed to HK. I'm One World Platinum so my question is - QF First Lounge or CX lounge (is there more than one CX lounge or only the business lounge)? I think I know the answer, but wanted to check as don't want to be sitting in the "wrong lounge". Thanks for answer my first...
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    OH Canada (well, Air Canada questions + Whistler question)

    So, looking at flights for March 2019 (and feeling a bit crazy for doing so). Here are my questions: - I imagine there is not much price movement on the MEL - YVR route - is my assumption correct? if it isn't, when is the best time to look? - I am weighing up economy vs premium economy. It...
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    First World Winge

    Flying Melb to Syd with QF platinum status. We all know it takes a fair amount of flying to gain such status. Other than premium lounge access and a better chance at upgrades one also expects the promised priority boarding lane and priority baggage handling. My flight/experience has neither...
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    To buy or not to buy - Koru Club

    Hi In the near future we - 2 adults/2 children - are travelling as follows: continuous except for stop overs Melb --> Auckland-->LAX-->Seattle [note LAX-->Seattle is Delta, so no privileges in LA unless we can use the international lounge upon landing (we have a long layover of 5 hours - with...
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    Qantas Question - urgent & important (tongue in cheek)

    first world problems.... So after checking the movie selection for Sept on Q's Mel to LA flight, I'm less than pleased...1 - half the time the month wasn't even there and the other time the page didn't populate correctly, but let's assume that was my browser and 2 - the once time I think I saw...
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    Cathay from Shanghai to Melbourne via HK on a Friday night

    So I'm booked on a Cathay (Dragon Air) flight that is supposed to land in HKG at 10:25pm. My connection departs HKG at 12:05am. One of my HK-based colleagues said it is doubtful that I will make my connection due to the fact that Shanghai flights typically depart 2 hours late on Friday...
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    checked luggage - Air New Zealand to Delta (in LAX)

    Hi Because I was fairly certain that a Qantas upgrade from MEL to LAX would not come through for our family of 4 on the 21 of Dec (despite hitting platinum in Sept), I decided to book sky couches on Air NZ [adding this in to see if I guessed rightly or wrongly - interested in views]. However...
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    Qantas Status question

    So, it looks like I'm going to hit Platinum for the very first time 2 weeks before my anniversary/reset date. While I will have the status for the return leg of the trip that gets me over he hurdle, do I have it for the whole next year or so I revert back to gold and have to re-earn the platinum?
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    Hamilton Island - flight still on tomorrow? [no - closed until June!]

    So I just called Qantas help desk (I am gold status) and they told me our direct flight to Hamilton island is still on for tomorrow morning - after I insisted that could not be true, the call centre person checked with a supervisor and confirmed it is still on. Seriously! I know they are in NZ...