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  1. stuartfaz

    ACCC launches action against AirAsia for hidden fees

    Australia consumer watchdog sues AirAsia over ads | Reuters Only a matter of time before this happened, really. You can't advertise $99 fares SYD-KUL and not raise a few eyebrows.
  2. stuartfaz

    Air Australia (formerly Strategic) launch $69 MEL-BNE fares

    Air Australia’s new Brisbane to Melbourne flights will operate twice daily from Monday to Friday (departing at 6.10am and 1.30pm) and once daily on Saturday (departing 7.10am) and Sunday (departing 2.10pm), from 15 December 2011. Not too shabby a deal, really.
  3. stuartfaz

    Virgin Blue help Thorpe out of retirement, send Borghetti to Dr Freud...

    DJ and Ian Thorpe just held a press conference at the Sydney Sofitel, announcing a sponsorship deal and Thorpe's comeback to swimming. However, the highlight was in John Borghetti's opening speech, when he assured everyone Ian would win lots of gold...for Qantas. :shock:
  4. stuartfaz

    Virgin get into the plonk - 1000 BP for a case purchase

    Got an offer from Virgin yesterday regarding their newest venture, Virgin Wines. 12 bottles of wine for $99 = 1297 points and my Christmas shopping done. There's also a Virgin employee deal floating around which includes a bottle of Moet for free, will try to find it.
  5. stuartfaz

    AirAsia X launch KUL-ORY for $152 OW +tax +everything else

    Looks like D7 are heading to Paris, pretty good deal. Book between 22-24 Nov Fly between 14 Feb-10 Nov '11. Could make for a very cheap Europe jaunt.
  6. stuartfaz

    OK, so I'm very impressed with UA...

    Over the past few weeks I've been on a trip across the USA and Canada (will try to do a TR later). Being a loyal customer of our very own don't call us a low-cost carrier I was due to fly back to MEL on VA on the 30th. However, I was spending my last day in YVR, so I had booked an award flight...
  7. stuartfaz

    The 'I'm in the air' thread

    I saw one of these on the VX forum over at FT, and I thought it would be a good idea to start one up over here given the prevalence of onboard WiFi in some places. So I'm currently in the air on a DL flight from MSP to YVR. We've been delayed an hour as we had to get up off one plane and onto...
  8. stuartfaz

    stuartfaz goes to Europe - a.k.a A Series Of Unfortunate Events

    Hey all, Have just returned from my first trip to Europe. I went over for a month with family to spend Christmas with extended family we have over there. Here was the original itinerary: 17DEC09 - MEL-AUH Etihad Airways EY461 Y 18DEC09 - AUH-LHR Etihad Airways EY19 Y 21DEC09 - St...
  9. stuartfaz

    TT announce MEL-BNE starting 28/3/10

    3x daily flights on weekdays, 2x on weekends Introductory price of $88 e/w, but I'd expect this to go down a bit as the Sydney flights did after they were first announced.
  10. stuartfaz

    TT's response to all-inclusive fare laws - no surcharge on debit cards

    I was wondering what the home of free seats-that-aren't-actually-free would do in response to tighter all-inclusive fare laws, and now we know. Any transaction done on a VISA or MasterCard debit card is now surcharge-free, on the new 'raw fares'. T and C's below: Terms & Conditions This...
  11. stuartfaz

    Change to Velocity redemption: paying for taxes/extras with points

    Just noticed these additions to the Velocity booking process, similar to what QF brought in a few months back. Before you had to pay a flat rate of $44 per segment to cover taxes, but it looks like DJ have replaced this with a 6000 point per segment charge. Checked baggage can also be...
  12. stuartfaz

    Help with airline booking engines/reservation systems

    Hey all, I was just wondering if anyone here could help me out with info on airline reservation systems. As well as basic info on the different options, I need to note things like implementation and licensing costs, as well as support available (It's for a Uni project.) Can anyone point me...
  13. stuartfaz

    Singapore Airlines to cut fuel surcharges

    From Singapore Airlines to cut fuel surcharge Singapore Airlines to cut fuel surcharge 8/09/2008 10:45:05 PM Singapore Airlines (SIA) said it would cut fuel surcharges on some of its international flights, including to...
  14. stuartfaz

    Pacific Blue to start BNE-POM service (Merged)

    From Virgin Blue > News and Press Releases VIRGIN BLUE JOINS FORCES WITH AIRLINES PNG NEW CODESHARE AGREEMENT BETWEEN AUST AND PAPUA NEW GUINEA MONDAY, 8 SEPTEMBER 2008: Virgin Blue’s international airline Pacific Blue (Aust) and Airlines PNG have today jointly announced that they have...
  15. stuartfaz

    V Australia launch their own travel agent payment and settlement plan

    If you can't go with IATA, then BYO. From Virgin Blue > News and Press Releases V AUSTRALIA LAUNCHES TRAVEL AGENT PAYMENT AND SETTLEMENT PLAN WITH eNETT INTERNATIONAL Monday 8 September 2008: Australia’s new international airline V Australia, today launched its own travel agent payment and...
  16. stuartfaz

    TT pick their destinations for ADL base

    No real surprises here, but, starting from March 1 2009: ADL-OOL (from $79.95 o.w.) ADL-PER (from $99.95 o.w.) ADL-ASP (from $99.95 o.w.) ADL-HBA (from $49.95 o.w.) as well as added capacity on ADL-MEL (from $29.95 o.w.) Flights to/from ASP are Tues, Thurs, Sat Flights to/from HBA are Mon...
  17. stuartfaz

    Virgin Blue's 8th Birthday Sale

    Sale Period: Midnight Tuesday 26th August 2008 to Midnight Tuesday 9th September 2008 Travel Period 1: 15th October 2008 to 16th December 2008 Travel Period 2: 13th January 2009 to 7th April 2009 Brisbane - Newcastle $48 Melbourne -...
  18. stuartfaz

    DJ to start daily direct MEL-AKL flights

    from Virgin Blue > News and Press Releases Monday 28 July 2008: Virgin Blue Airlines today announced it will commence flying between Melbourne and Auckland with daily return services starting from 22 September, 2008.* The new trans-Tasman flights will be operated by Virgin Blue’s...
  19. stuartfaz

    Velocity's month-long 33% off redemption sale

    Save up to 33% on Reward Seats until 31 July 2008! We're having our best Redemption Sale yet! For the month of July, we've taken a huge 33% off Reward Seats to a great selection of destinations around Australia. So you'll need even fewer points to fly where you want! What are you waiting for...
  20. stuartfaz

    Blue Zone seating now bookable online

    From here: Virgin Blue > Extra Legroom Note that you can't select which Blue Zone seat you want with this new feature. Am I the only one that thinks that, in its current form, the Y+ offering could be undermined by increasing the accessibility of the much cheaper Blue Zone?