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  1. danny09

    EF showing many blocked seats on seat map, Glitch?

    The last couple of days EF has been showing a lot of blocked seats (which is not normal) I'am logged in with my QF WP1 FF number, this is just a random flight i picked (QF648 on the 4-6-15) i also have the same thing happening for a flight on friday night. I suspect a glitch see the pic...
  2. danny09

    Your Platinum One benefits on Qantas and Emirates

    Looks like WP1 is now going to be recognised on EK flights. Previously it has been said that WP1 does not show on EK boarding passes (only had WP on mine in may) nothing special, but hey its a start. Frequent Flyer - About the Program - Platinum Benefits - Platinum One
  3. danny09

    Have you received your new Qantas Card? Apply for Qantas Cash today.

    Just logged into my QFF profile & have this message waiting for me "Have you received your new Qantas Card? Apply for Qantas Cash today to start earning even more points" Has anyone else got this, I just logged into my wifes profile (WP) & she doesnt have the message. Interested to see if any...
  4. danny09

    ODU Points not been deducted

    Went into the PER QP & went to the service desk to request an ODU, the lounge angel checked & said "that will be 7500 points" Yeah thats fine i said, the angle re printed my boarding pass & it said ODU 7500 points underneath my status, as per usual. From past experience doing ODU's the points...
  5. danny09

    Worth asking to be comp'ed to WP1

    Hi All Im 530 SC away from making WP1, I have 7 weeks of bookings in my profile (610 SC all up) membership year ends 31st October. Should i take the chance on asking QF to be comp'ed to P1, or just wait the 6 weeks to get to P1? I want them to open up some seats for me to do an award booking...