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  1. Simsy85

    Francesco Wines - Limited deal

    Send him a message it’s how I’ve always gotten mine. Like I said it’s a very small family run, but I’ve been going there for years :)
  2. Simsy85

    Francesco Wines - Limited deal

    A vineyard I've been following for sometime now has decided to put up some insane prices for their wine. I've mentioned them on here a number of times, We did our entire wedding with them and it was a screaming hit. Their whites are good to go now, but their reds have aged incredibly well...
  3. Simsy85

    Asiana Airlines - any advice?

    So we are two flights in of our 4 legs on OZ in Y - and wow, what an experience - the food, the seats, the staff - all amazing. We are due back in about a week, flying on the new Airbus A350, so will be interesting to see what it is like!
  4. Simsy85

    Velocity AMEX Lounge Access - does it work in O/S lounges?

    So the velocity amex platinum comes with 2 x AMEX lounge access passes on top of the VA lounge access. They role over once a calendar year - this means i'll get two more on Jan 1. We are currently in TX, USA and flying out of SFO to ICN. That flight will get me *A Gold and thus lounge access...
  5. Simsy85

    Sparkling (Shiraz or Red) Recommendations?

    They are a small father and daughter mob - they dont sell outside a very few select restaurants - I've got a vertical tasting ready to go of 07 - 13 durif ;)
  6. Simsy85

    Amex "I'm going to cancel my card" - bonus points given thread.

    Nah mate, fee got posted about 3 months ago...
  7. Simsy85

    Help! Can’t get to sleep J & F

    I've used restavit on the ground and I find its good if I take half a tablet (careful, it is strong - anymore and im 'hung over') next time you are in the states, they have OTC meds called sleep aide - its a light antihistamine that isn't too bad.
  8. Simsy85

    Help! Can’t get to sleep J & F

    I had this issue once in seat 1A on a AirNZ AKL-LAX - Hostie bought be a standard size bottle of Baileys and told me to have at it till I fell asleep... In all seriousness though, I find it easier to fly in Y than J or F - maybe its FOMO or something like that? I want to enjoy the pointy end...
  9. Simsy85

    Shearing shears - any issues?

    Taking a pair of Antique shearing shears (hand held ones) to an uncle of mine in Texas (he collects old tools etc) Anyone know if any issues taking them into the USA? Obviously they will be in checked luggage and not carry on - wondering if I need some sort of permit given they technically have...
  10. Simsy85

    Passport issues - USA

    So heading over to NYC for a wedding late next month, flying via Korea on Asiana. Earlier this year when SWMBO and I flew into LAX, she had some passport issues. They started by saying that she didn't have a valid ESTA (which she did) and that she wouldn't be granted entry (which she was). They...
  11. Simsy85

    Amex "I'm going to cancel my card" - bonus points given thread.

    Well I can't complain - I called them up with every intent of moving to the QF 75k offer - they asked me if another 100,000 points would help? I said yes. The bloke on the phone said he'd never seen that many points generate as a loyalty offer before and that he was amazed. I'll post a pic...
  12. Simsy85

    AMEX Velocity Platinum travel insurance (and Bali volcano)

    I've used it - works well - no issue and quick.
  13. Simsy85

    Mexico ... and a few other places

    Love Mexico - amazing place!
  14. Simsy85

    Sparkling (Shiraz or Red) Recommendations?

    without a doubt, any of the sparkling shiraz or sparkling durif from Andersons of Rutherglen - Anderson Winery, Rutherglen, North East Victoria
  15. Simsy85

    "Excuse me Sir, You've tested Positive for explosives."

    I used to live in Darwin - I often travelled down to Alice Springs - Every year the NT has cracker night, where you literally can buy fireworks anywhere. We'd always let off 20-30, surrounded by many people doing the same. 3 or 4 times i've had to head down to ASP the next day and always tested...
  16. Simsy85

    Made any travel mistakes lately?

    Trip through Europe back in 2012 - my ex and I were flying from Istanbul to Podgorica in Montenegro, so that we could drive to Kotor. Flying some horrific airline - Air Serbia or something, arrived at Ataturk Airport (IST) and saw that flight, but it was with Turkish Airlines (same time...
  17. Simsy85

    Best Airline to book Star Alliance fares through?

    LOTFAB = Land of the free and brave - America, not in a kind way. SO i just booked, decent tickets in Y unfortunately. Anyone know much about upgrading on OZ?
  18. Simsy85

    Best Airline to book Star Alliance fares through?

    Heading to LOTFAB in December for a wedding and have decided to give OZ a try.. I've heard a lot of good things - any advice on booking with Star Alliance? Is there an airline to book through for code share thats better or book direct with OZ? Deets are: SYD-ICN 17DEC ICN-JFK 18DEC SFO-ICN...
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    Free More free stuff

    I'll take those express cards off your hands?
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    United Polaris Business class

    Yeah that's the one, i've used it twice in the last 6 months. Not impressed at all.....