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  1. Gladstone Tim

    AFF Member Stock Discussion

    Any ideas why it was backdated to March, Martine?
  2. Gladstone Tim

    AFF Member Stock Discussion

    Thank you for your response,
  3. Gladstone Tim


    Hey Olly, Welcome to AFF. Where are most of your adventures focused? I love Nepal, having done multiple treks in the Everest and Annapurna regions.
  4. Gladstone Tim

    AFF Member Stock Discussion

    Hi Wise Ones, Just wondering if any AFFers have shares in, or an opinion about G8 Education Limited (ASX:GEM)? Or any recommendations (general information only, of course) for a newbie.
  5. Gladstone Tim

    WAving - from a west coast voyage

    Was the snorkeling and scuba diving around the same locale as the sharks??? Do you think they stayed in the area long enough to ingest radioactive material?
  6. Gladstone Tim

    General Medical issues thread

    I am a plasma donor. Whilst donating on Friday, a staff member came to me to explain that my plasma was cloudy and handed me an information sheet which stated it could be serious and require a GP visit. She then asked what I had for lunch as diet can affect it. “A sausage roll”, I replied to her...
  7. Gladstone Tim

    Qantas Call Centre Long Wait Times

    8pm Brisbane time on a Thursday night....recording says a 30-60 minute wait. Gladly QF changes flight time yet again so eligible for refund not credit. Took 40 minutes to be answered. Confirmed refund possible. But why a further 8 minutes on silent hold and then 3 with Muzak to confirm it had...
  8. Gladstone Tim

    Insurance Cancellation Refund

    In July I took out travel insurance through RACQ for a December 2021/January 2022 trip involving flights and a journey on the Indian Pacific. Unfortunately, but not totally unexpectedly, we were advised this week that the train won’t be operational until at least mid-February. I am delighted...
  9. Gladstone Tim

    If That's The Worst Thing that Can Happen.... (very belated trip report)

    Wow, just wow! What a great trip report. I have never contemplated a trip to Malta but you have inspired me definitely regarding Switzerland. Thank you for such an inspiring, engaging report.
  10. Gladstone Tim

    Grammar Discussions

    Can anyone explain how Suncorp Stadium can announce that they are a licensed premises?
  11. Gladstone Tim

    AFF Member Stock Discussion

    Thanks, Cove. Pretty much have those aspects in place. Home mortgage can be at zero if a redrawble account, just reducing by the amount of the originally scheduled payment each month. Seeing the financial advisor again in January so will also get his advice re shares.
  12. Gladstone Tim

    AFF Member Stock Discussion

    My father was a serious long-term investor so I have a general understanding. However, it is 35+ years ago since I lived at home. Where would you suggest one gains up-to-date understanding? I am keen to invest as a hobby as well as make a profit where possible, as I plan my not-too-distant...
  13. Gladstone Tim

    Long wait for refund for cancelled reward flights Qantas - a common experience?

    QF cancelled January 2022 flight last Wednesday. Points back in account this morning. Email said up to 8 weeks for taxes, fees refund to hit the credit card.
  14. Gladstone Tim

    Long wait for refund for cancelled reward flights Qantas - a common experience?

    Just wondering, when QF cancels an award booking/flight, are the points returned in a reasonable time frame or should I expect to have to chase it up? Just glad I’ve got enough points to book replacements.
  15. Gladstone Tim

    22 hours in Longreach

    Thanks for your insights, henrus. Always good to get different perspectives.
  16. Gladstone Tim

    Where do you get your mask?

    I do wish the NT would do away with this slogan. I find it offensive and not something worthy of government endorsement.
  17. Gladstone Tim

    AFF Member Stock Discussion

    Well, not surprising after the game on Saturday. You all probably need a Bex and a good lie down. 😄
  18. Gladstone Tim

    AFF Member Stock Discussion

    Hi Wise Ones, Just wondering, is there a simple way of finding companies based in/registered in Queensland I.e. hold their AGMs in the state?