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    Fokker 100 - best seats

    There a two types of fokkers, one has the standard exits and one has an addition exit down towards the back (usually the aircraft with the built in stairs on the door like the f70). This may explain the seat map
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    VA Launch Economy Space + on 777 routes

    Hey Guys, Just found this link which has more details and pics of the 777 Space+ seats Take a Look Inside Virgin Australia’s New 777 Business Class
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    Re: Internal shots of 777 Business/Premium/Economy

    Hi all! Just browsing and found a trip report for the new cabin, got quite a lot good pic of the cabin from a live flight. New Virgin Australia “The Business†Aboard The 777 — Trip Reports Forum | Dom :)
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    VA 777 - best seats

    Hate to break you bubble but I'm pretty sure its the same seat just recovered.... and of course less of them.
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    Anyone else having problems with velocity booking site?

    I'm having problems too, enter dates and destination and getting page can not be found. clear history and cache but still nothing.
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    Virgin Samoa

    VH-YID now wears Virgin Samoa branding.
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    Virgin and Apple IOS9 Wallet/Passbook

    There is an update to Ios9 which was put out yesterday so it may of been fixed in that update.
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    Trial of new gate scanning

    This was the same machine QF was using on Gate 28 at the Common User, that has now moved to Gate 38 only.
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    Feeling ripped off by Virgin advertising - we now serve food and beverage

    Hi all, yesterdays food. BNE-MKY Am flight Raspberry Muffin MKY-BNE pm cheese and biscuits has anyone else noticed now on your itinerary it now says snack/meal Dom,
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    Virgin Australia Regional (Ex SkyWest) 2 x A320's

    Could it be more of a is more of a system thing as the fokker 100s seating is A-B then E-F-G, maybe making it easier to swap aircraft. Just a thought.
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    VA A330 Flights to Fiji and SYD-MEL shuffle

    "Virgin Australia will upgrade its Sydney-Fiji flights to an Airbus A330 during peak travel periods in April plus June through October 2014, and also roster the big twin-aisle jet onto selected Sydney-Melbourne flights.However, the airline says there will be "no impact on existing A330...
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    Info on New Destinations

    Yep wet lease for Etihad, so VA flight and Cabin Crew flying under a EY flight number
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    Virgin Australia raises the bar yet again revealing its new Domestic Business Class

    Re: New J Class product Looks like VA is set to make an announcement today from Singapore. "Virgin Australia’s latest Airbus A330-200 has landed in Singapore on its way back to Australia. The aircraft, registration VH-XFJ, took off from Toulouse at 2355 local time on Monday as flight VA9948...
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    Free wifi at Syd Dom - Virgin side

    I was passing thru SYD on Sunday and the T2 free wifi has now been extend down to the Virgin pier, previously it only used to work in the food court and the Jetstar pier. Dom,
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    VA To operate Cairns-Wepia

    Virgin Australia will launch a daily direct service between Cairns and Weipa next year when air services are deregulated and QantasLink’s monopoly on the route comes to an end. The Newman Government in Queensland said with demand on the route rising 15% over the past two years it “made sense to...
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    Identifying aircraft type in advance

    29 Rows, Brisbane-Mackay VA621 30 rows Brisbane-Sydney va962 Both 737-800s- Seat map is from expertflyer
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    Business class on E190

    Re: E190 J Class Yes all E-jets now feature J Class
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    Identifying aircraft type in advance

    Row 4 won't have Live2Air either due to the row 3 seats in front don't have the screens in the back (row5 and beyond have the screens) I believe if the seat map shows 29 rows its one of the older birds with Live2Air.
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    May 4 - Inaugural BNE-BDB flight

    Nope no welcoming water shower from the fire brigade, didn't get cupcakes and there were no balloons at BNE or BDB. Was a bit bumpy in and out of BNE and as well in and out of BDB but other than that nice day for flying.
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    May 4 - Inaugural BNE-BDB flight

    A keyring touch.