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  1. calmelb

    QLink B717 WiFi entertainment

    Hey all, Is there any list of what B717s have gotten the inflight entertainment refresh? I can only see on the QF website that it’s ‘selected’ planes
  2. calmelb

    Tony Abbott's passport number revealed after Instagram Post

    Just saw this and thought it would be an interesting read for a lot of us, we all know about protecting the PNR but Tony Abbott shared it publicly leading to the possible disclosure of his passport number. Interesting that notes on your booking were viewable in the QF MMB When you browse...
  3. calmelb

    Points Statement Search

    Unsure if anyone has seen this, but the points statement now has a search feature that searches back around 2 years, helpful if you need to find a particular flight (as can search via PNR or by name, etc). If this is an old addition then don't mind me!
  4. calmelb

    Discontinuation of Qantas Chauffeur Drive Service

    Just received an email from Qantas announcing that they will be suspending the chauffeur drive service between Australia and London from 15th April (including if you booked through EK). The email I received is below:
  5. calmelb

    Chauffeur Drive Navigation issues

    Just recently my Dad flew LHR-MEL-LHR in EK F but booked through Qantas. Filled out the Chauffeur drive details as normal, but somehow they managed to mix up details on 3 out of the 4 bookings. Arriving into MEL they ignored the postcode listed and thought he wanted to be dropped off in Middle...
  6. calmelb

    Qantas 'My Platinum News'

    Just wondering if anyone else just received this, the first edition of the 'My Platinum News', seems to be a copy of the P1 briefing but for those of us lesser WPs Has my most traveled aircraft over the 12 months as a B737 and a competition for a First class flight for you and a guest to...
  7. calmelb

    Airlines banning MacBook Pros [in checked luggage and use onboard]

    Hey all, Just saw this on Executive Traveller that QF are banning all MacBook Pros for use inflight. The statement is quite vague but does this mean someone with a 13" MBP won't be allowed to use their laptop even though it's not included in the recall. Link to article Seems a little heavy...
  8. calmelb

    VA Status Match/ Challenge

    Hi all, I am mostly a QF FFer however I do want to build up some status with Velocity for the wider partnerships/ more flexibility travelling domestically. Do they offer any sort of Gold challenge/ match (or higher) to a QFWP? Note: no business programs as its personal travel/ no ABN. If not...
  9. calmelb

    New QF lounge access guidelines website

    Hi all, Just a thing I noticed with the new website change all mentions of WP/P1 getting same day lounge access in the Domestic Lounges seem to have disappeared from the lounge access chart. Only in the status benefits is it listed, the distinction between QFFF's and OW FFs now seem to look...
  10. calmelb

    Larger tablets & Laptops in the seatback holder

    Hey all, Just had an interesting experience on board a domestic Qantas flight from Canberra to Melbourne. So I have a surface pro 4 (around the same size as an iPad Pro) and I know they can’t be held for take off as they’re larger than the safety card, but I always thought they could be placed...
  11. calmelb

    QF Stopovers

    I tried searching for this but couldn't find any details that directly related to this query. My Dad is flying (currently) a simple LHR-MEL-LHR all booked in J, via SIN (Fare classes I on the way to MEL, D on the way back). From what I am reading in the fare rules (DSA21GB) a free stopover is...
  12. calmelb

    Oneworld Website Misleading

    If you go onto the OW website and look at lounges anywhere QF operate a Dom J lounge you will see it says Sapphire members can access the lounge (and in the fine print below says QF Gold cannot access it). Shouldn't it say only OWE as it's essentially treated as a Domestic First Class Lounge...
  13. calmelb

    Requesting Classic Award Seat, Phone fee payable?

    Hi All, Just requested a domestic flight using points (WP perk), and was told that because it was a phone booking I had to pay the 3500 point phone assistance fee. Now its not many points but aren't the Phone booking fees waived if you can't do it online? I was told as I had requested it over...
  14. calmelb

    Finnair & Nordic Regional

    Hi All, In a weeks time I'm flying to Billund, Denmark via Hong Kong and Helsinki (Hopefully if I remember I'll do a trip report, and if you're interested!). I was wondering if I earn any qantas points on the Helsinki to Billund flight (AY699 but operated by Nordic Regional). Fare code...
  15. calmelb

    Frequent Flyer Choice, BA or QF?

    Hi all, I hope this is the right place to ask this. So my parents are moving to the UK at then end of the year and so now I have a choice of Frequent Flyer programs to choose from (And airlines to Fly). I would like to stay within Oneworld and have tentatively settled on either staying with...
  16. calmelb

    A life (very) well travelled

    Hey All, Not sure if anyone saw this, but it seems like John Martin has passed away at the age of 83. A life (very) well travelled - Qantas News Room -calmelb
  17. calmelb

    New EK lounge Melbourne

    Hi All, Not sure if anyone has noticed but there is a new Emirates lounge in Melbourne opened at night on the 29th (According to one of the first class lounge Angels). It is up some escalators between gate 15&10. Not sure if anyone has had a chance to go look at it (I only asked as I was...
  18. calmelb

    Qantas First Lounge - Melbourne

    Hi All, Back again trying to find a way into the Melbourne First Class Lounge! :p Upon reading the Victorian Government Law about Under 18's being on Licensed premises (Underage patrons on licensed premises - VCGLR) it does say that someone under 18 may stay in the location if they are having...
  19. calmelb

    Platinum [benefits]

    Hey All, I just reached WP (Woo Hoo!) this morning and am waiting till the esteemed package of my card arrives! Since I've seen the Platinum One benefits thread and didn't see one for lowly Platinum's I think we should start one. So, what have you WP's gotten in terms of status recognition...
  20. calmelb

    Domestic Points Upgrades

    Hi All, My mum is flying this Friday from Perth to Brisbane and for a late Mother's Day gift I've put in an upgrade request. I've just got a few questions, what are the chances for the upgrade coming through (QF650 and me being Gold FF) and also when will I be notified of the upgrade coming...