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  1. Le Clair

    BNE Airport tour (proposed when COVID allows) interest thread

    Be very careful with this COVID thing. The family got it 3 weeks ago and thank goodness they had RAT's otherwise they wouldn't have known they had it. Dangerous stuff! Seriously, looking forward to the BNE airport tour. Can't wait.
  2. Le Clair

    Qantas Call Centre Long Wait Times

    Agree completely, although it was once said, by everyone, that it would be impossible to apply Australian GST to small value goods personally ordered from overseas, yet today, GST is collected on a 99c widget ordered from Aliexpress in China. If we grew the political will, we would find the...
  3. Le Clair

    Qantas Call Centre Long Wait Times

    Here's an idea which I have taken to my Federal member: If you employ someone from overseas in your business in Australia you are required to comply with all Australian employment laws, naturally! Including paying the award wage. So, why should a business be able to provide the same service to...
  4. Le Clair

    Qantas Call Centre Long Wait Times

    That info ALONE is worth more than the price of my AFF Gold membership before considering any of the many, many other benefits. Thanks Matt
  5. Le Clair

    Qantas and Jetstar 30% off reward seat sale NOV21 - Domestic

    A few things: 1. You can get better than 30% off. If you have a Qantas Business Rewards account, not only do you get the flights at 30% off but you also get 5,000 points credited back. 2. There have been problems with the booking engine. Confirmed by the agent in Cape Town. She advised to keep...
  6. Le Clair

    Aust govt removes outbound travel ban exemption for overseas residents

    I wonder what the position of, say, the Home Office or the US State Department is on a foreign government detaining their citizens on no charge or even suspicion of having committed any act which would justify any, let alone indefinite, detention. This is Soviet era stuff. Hmmm...maybe I can...
  7. Le Clair

    Qantas Points Auction

    Jeez, 1.2 million points at the moment. That "values" the points at 0.25c each, based on the $3,000 cost of the experience in the Qantas website. That's more than 4 return trips to London in Business which would be "valued" at up to $40,000.
  8. Le Clair

    Qantas to shut airport service desks, force customers onto self-service

    Had an interesting experience at Hervey Bay airport a couple of weeks ago when the Sydney lockdown was announced. At 11am, there were 2 choices - direct Jet* departing 1255 arriving 1445 or a 1335 Qantas connecting service through Brisbane arriving Sydney at 1745. The Jet* website showed award...
  9. Le Clair

    Qantas to shut airport service desks, force customers onto self-service

    Haha, like businesses who are continuously in the media (regional cities) complaining about predatory pricing from national retailers, so you go in and make a significant purchase and present an AmEx card. "Sorry, we don't take American Express" I am told by the owner. "Why not?", I ask...
  10. Le Clair

    Qantas announce more regional growth

    I just read the funniest thing in Matt Graham's Segway into this thread. He said the the ACCC "will have to make a judgement on airline regulation at some point". This actually suggests that the ACCC might be responsible for doing something. Better not post that kind of scandalous material on...
  11. Le Clair

    Level above Qantas Points Club Plus

    Points Club Plus member. The current program offers almost zero value to me as a LTG. The only thing that I get any value out of is the 10% Wine discount and free shipping. I have responded to many surveys in recent months bemoaning the zero benefit to LTG members and this survey was...
  12. Le Clair

    MEL rail link - latest iteration

    Typically Australian approach to pricing will, no doubt, see stratospheric prices. Not "what is a public transport service reasonably worth, given that the public have paid for the construction", but "what is the maximum we can gouge from the millionaires who fly?" Doubtless, like the Sydney...
  13. Le Clair

    Has Qantas' Price Promise Been 'Enhanced'?

    So did I. You had to be ever so careful and make sure you had satisfied all of the myriad conditions but over the years, I have received thousands of dollars back exactly as promised.
  14. Le Clair

    Use of OOL by NSW residents to access NNSW

    Just to weigh in here. Vehicles from NSW are allowed into Queensland. Had a friend from Southern NSW who presented at the border and was asked where he was from and where was going. His license was checked to establish his address against a list of "zero cases" postcodes and as he came from a...
  15. Le Clair

    Qantas Closing Lounges, Including All International & Chairmans Lounges

    Social distancing! You must be kidding. On a train in Osaka yesterday and sardines in a can would have felt socially spaced. Everything in Japan is disturbingly “normal”.
  16. Le Clair

    Qantas Closing Lounges, Including All International & Chairmans Lounges

    Sitting in the QANTAS Narita lounge right now. Very much open and operating as normal. It’s even slightly busy!
  17. Le Clair

    ACCC slams loyalty schemes

    Yes, remember when you used to be able to get up to 30c per litre fuel discounts if you did this and that and spent this and that at Coles and Woolies. Then the ACCC got involved and limited the maximum discount to 8c per litre because "the scheme was too difficult for some people to understand".
  18. Le Clair

    ACCC slams loyalty schemes

    Given the amount of work that all at AFF will clearly be putting into their submission, if I got no more value from my gold membership this year than that submission, I will believe that I have received EXCELLENT value for my money. Thanks AFF. I'll be putting my own in, of course.
  19. Le Clair

    Qantas FF announcement 20 June - "biggest overhaul" in program history

    Perhaps Santa Claus, but only just.