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    QF announce non-stop Perth-London B787 Services

    ( Just as a matter of curiosity, do these timings match the previous slots that Qantas has leased out at LHR?
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    MEL Champagne Appreciation Night II [Friday August 21]

    This is a thoroughly unhelpful post, but when this showed up on the "New Posts" search results, the first thing that came to mind was that a trip to Guangzhou was an unusual group outing for AFFers, let alone a nonstop MEL/CAN flight, which would have to be on CZ! :confused: :!: (I have since...
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    Who's going to be up in Hong Kong over NYE

    Chungking Mansions is so famous (infamous?) that it has its own Wikipedia page: Chungking Mansions - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia It's not somewhere that most who visit this site would choose to stay...
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    Indonesia Air Asia flight QZ 8501 loses contact with ATC

    One of the TV stations (ABC?) reported that there was a tour group on board and had an interview with the wife of the now missing tour guide in Surabaya. This may be that group?
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    Indonesia Air Asia flight QZ 8501 loses contact with ATC

    That's a purported leaked ATC screenshot near the time that the flight went missing. The high altitude (36,300 feet) and low speed (353 knots) has probably caused people to compare it to AF447, even if there isn't any hard evidence to suggest that as yet. Of course, AF447 suffered malfunctioning...
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    Indonesia Air Asia flight QZ 8501 loses contact with ATC

    Indonesia AirAsia (QZ) is part of the Malaysian AirAsia group in the same way as Jetstar Asia (3K) is part of the Qantas group. In both cases they have a 51% local partner due to foreign ownership laws. This incident is sad for Malaysian aviation as a hypothetical 3K incident would be to...
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    Final flights for the B767

    Flight has just landed.
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    Final flights for the B767

    The extra long way round, actually! :) ...not that anyone on board is likely to be complaining.
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    Alitalia considering a return to Australia

    I had a quick gloss over the text of the Air Services Agreement with the UAE trying to find the limits, but this isn't an hour conducive to critical analysis of legalese... Anyway, if EY needs more capacity to Abu Dhabi, they have a more convenient partner in the region that can use the...
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    Alitalia considering a return to Australia

    AZ to Australia? Taking on CX, SQ, TG, CZ, MU, CA, EK and QR head on? Tell 'em they're dreamin'. The existing midpoint carriers have every possible combination of fare, experience and stopover port covered already. AZ brings nothing to the table.
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    QF to Haneda

    Reading about the history behind the construction of NRT, it is not surprising. The wrangling that occurred during construction makes our NIMBYs look lame. Narita International Airport - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Anyway, HND, despite being located closer to Tokyo, is mostly surrounded by...
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    Citibank Plus - No Fee No Overseas Transaction Fee Account

    I have had this experience in Malaysia as well. The ATM told me that a fee would be charged, but no fee was actually debited. A Citibank branded ATM in a Seoul subway station also charged me a fee, while one in the branch was free - I think it was KRW 1500 or something like that. The...
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    77W v 343 J

    C'mon, they're not that bad! Yeah, not as good as the most recent product, but it's still lie-flat J. Long haul in the Y shell seats on the other hand... (the longest flight I had in those was HKG-KUL in a 744, and that was more than long enough).
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    Where can I find punctuality data for Royal Brunei and Thai? Have 90 min change @ BKK

    Re: Where can I find punctuality data for Royal Brunei and Thai? Have 90 min change @ Would suggest too. There are transfer desks at BKK for international to domestic transfers specifically for Chiang Mai, Chiang Rai, coughet, Samui, Krabi and Hat Yai. Even if you haven't been...
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    77W v 343 J

    CX's A340 fleet has the old J class seating (and the old non-reclining Y class shell seats!). The old seats have higher walls, feel narrower and more enclosed, and face towards the aisles. Makes it a bit awkward to look out the window.
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    15% bonus transfer NOV 14

    This seems to work for me: Velocity Frequent Flyer - 15% Bonus Points Interestingly doesn't include CBA Awards :evil:
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    CX, MH and AK are the only carriers to fly between HKG and KUL nonstop (EK does HKG/BKK).
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    Raffles V Marina Bay

    Considered the Fullerton Bay Hotel? It's on the other side of the road from the main Fullerton Hotel and across the bay from MBS. Haven't stayed there but there was a trip report posted by amaroo some time back. Looked good.
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    Unrest in Hong Kong

    I know that there are many exceptions, but it's not at all unusual for non-mainland Chinese such as those from Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia or western nations not to identify as 'Chinese', and might be something that outsiders find perplexing. Most of these people are descendants of...
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    Unrest in Hong Kong

    The use of tear gas two nights ago was not repeated last night despite there probably being more people out last night. It would seem that the police are trying to prevent the situation escalating. I have also been following the situation closely and all agree that the protests have been...