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    Has David Jones disappeared from the Qantas Store?

    Has David Jones disappeared from the Qantas Store? I cannot find it in either Qantas Store or Velocity e-store. It's traditionally been a great points earner as they often have bonus deals (10 points per dollar spent etc) :(
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    Amex surcharge less than VISA or MC on my council rates notice (VIC)

    I got my City of Port Phillip (Melbourne) rates notices this week. I have not been able to use an Amex to pay these for years. This year not only can I use my Amex, but to pay the bills via the council's website the surcharges are: VISA/MasterCard 1.16% AMEX .65% Debit cards .59%...
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    Which FF program to reedem points on

    My partner and I are both going to cancel our Amex accounts, which means we have to transfer our membership rewards points out into a rewards program or we lose them (about 480,000 points in total). In the past I've always transferred them to Singapore Airlines Krisflyer, but since the...
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    Query about value of points - any advice?

    I was wondering if anyone has set a recent AU$ value on both Qantas FF points, and Singapore Airlines Krisflyer points? I am trying to work out if it's worth spending $379 in fees to earn 68,335 KF points, or $197 to gain 45,255 QFF points. (looking at paying ATO BAS bills on credit card, trying...