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    EY & QR J to Europe from $2,723 ex MNL

    When you can get cx j flights from $5200 return Sydney , mid next year I don't understand the excitement over these fares. You still have to get to Manilla (obviously) and if you also do syd manilla leg in J it's going to cost more (from what i have found) than the straight through CX flight...
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    Avianca "Lifemiles" - Questions and Discussion

    Not sure where you are getting these $3500 to $4000 prices on Hainan. Their website quoted me $15486 for two returns melb paris june/jul 2020.
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    Avianca "Lifemiles" - Questions and Discussion

    I don't want to offend anyone please dont take my post the wrong way. Hainan ? 3 star? 4star? Just not keen flying some of the lesser known asian airlines and how do they stack up against the others? Like anything you get what you pay for (i'm guessing). Flew chinese once. Not keen to do it...
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    Avianca "Lifemiles" - Questions and Discussion

    Thanks for your comments. I looked up Eva pricing for June next year. Over $12000 Aud syd - europe for 2 pax. Not any cheaper than others unfortunately. In fact from memory i was getting quotes around $11200 upwards from some of the others like Thai etc. i'm thinking I might just fly singapore...
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    Avianca "Lifemiles" - Questions and Discussion

    Thank you for the quick reply. You mention Thai Airways and one or two others. Not keen on Air China and don't know anything about Eva? I was kinda of under the impression that I would get a hit with more airlines considering the big Star Alliance network incl EQ , KLM, Malaysia Lufthansa...
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    Avianca Life Miles - post your SUCCESSFUL award bookings here

    Were you aware of availability prior to ringing them? or did you just "wing it" pardon the pun :D And will they deal with LM members that don't have miles in their account? In other words, should I expect them to be just like any travel agent, when I am someone booking a flight or making an...
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    Avianca "Lifemiles" - Questions and Discussion

    How far in advance does award space show on the Avianca website for Syd Europe and Syd Asia? with the promo on at the moment (sept 19)? We are flying to Europe in June 2020 but there appears to be bugger all available in Business for southern Europe. No point buying the miles if I can't book a...
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    Pricing on cruises

    I can definitely recommend I Love Cruising with Margaret she is an independent seller of cruises. We have done a couple of trips booked through Margaret and highly recommend her services. She is Friendly and helpful and can arrange cruises across the globe.