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  1. Oxy

    Virgin Australia Financially Secure? [Now in Voluntary Administration]

    Not at all intending to be mean spirited, more just ironic how QF while pleading their case for both slots used VA's inconsistent international stratergy as an argument, now neither of them can use either of them for the foreseeable future. And yes a genuine Question about the slot being an asset.
  2. Oxy

    Virgin Australia Financially Secure? [Now in Voluntary Administration]

    Looks like QF were right about there only being one trustworthy airline to make use of the newly available slots at HND. Is that a VA asset or will it just be surrendered and redistributed elsewhere?
  3. Oxy

    Advice on AirAsia flight cancellation & Refunds

    Absolutely grounds for a charge back. You haven't got what you purchased, or it's significantly different. If you can be bothered, perhaps let AirAsia know beforehand, to give them a chance to sort it out. Good luck :)
  4. Oxy

    Is it Time to transfer/withdraw points from Velocity?

    I've managed to book 6x J class seats on the same SQ flights before, only as far as SGN though.
  5. Oxy

    Vietnam Airlines not responding to cancellation request

    I also have (had) upcoming flights with Vietnam. I managed to receive a response from contacting [email protected] Good luck.
  6. Oxy

    BA J Sale PER-BKK with many options

    Was that at the sale price of $3kish? I can see the fare through Matrix at the moment but around $4k only.
  7. Oxy

    Bye Bye BP ...

    Has anyone on here got any tips on how to keep earning VFF points on diesel, now that BP has switched? I get the Coles express/fly buys emails but the Ts&Cs always exclude diesel and LPG.
  8. Oxy

    RewardPay Alternatives

    I did this once on my Business Explorer as I had many bills to pay, greater than my limit in a short space of time. Card got put on stop, and when I rang and explained that I was about to make many "purchases" and take it out of positive balance territory, the card was reinstated for use, and I...
  9. Oxy

    Bushfires 2019/2020!

    For those of you looking at making donations to the Red Cross bushfire appeal, and who hold an applicable card, AMEX have just emailed an offer of 10 ppd up to 10,000 points for donations.
  10. Oxy

    How low can Etihad go ?

    Thanks for the detailed information, and well done on taking the long way round in Y to get a good crass sample for our reference.
  11. Oxy

    LA/QF: BUSINESS return SYD-SCL-MIA/JFK from A$4,936

    Also available to/from MEL on days that LA804/5 operate.
  12. Oxy

    TG: BKK-ARN, business class, rt $1068 USD - get in quick!

    I don't understand why people think this classifies as an error fare. There have been many asia-eu J fares for ~$2k in the past, or less from certain departure points. Also Scandinavia is known for its competitive pricing the other way, so although it's a hot price and better than a normal sale...
  13. Oxy

    Christmas Bonus Of Up To 10,000 Velocity Points (2018)

    I got told the same thing a few months back by a manager, he said it was costing Autobarn more than they budgeted for the points. Seems like velocity is losing partners everywhere at the moment. Who else is on the casualty list after Autobarn, BP & Wilson?
  14. Oxy

    How to redeem Etihad Guest miles for Virgin Australia flights

    No and yes. That's normal. You can try entering your pnr on the Virgin site to select seats but will be hit and miss. A phonecall should sort it.
  15. Oxy

    How to redeem Etihad Guest miles for Virgin Australia flights

    On this occasion for me it also meant no points or money was taken.
  16. Oxy

    How to redeem Etihad Guest miles for Virgin Australia flights

    I had a similar situation a couple of years ago, when VA had a one off flight MEL-ASP. VFF showed reward seats, I managed to find an EY agent to book it, but couldn't ever get it ticketed and had to cancel. Good luck!
  17. Oxy

    JQ begins selling MEL-BQB (Busselton WA)

    Exactly, and the other difference being that JQ is not replacing QF on this route, which should see more tourists overall, not a change in demographic of existing ones.
  18. Oxy

    JAL PE to Europe from Australia $2243

    Does that exclude connections via SIN on this occasion compared to previous ones?
  19. Oxy

    How low can Etihad go ?

    Any update on how you went?
  20. Oxy

    JQ begins selling MEL-BQB (Busselton WA)

    Well the full word didn't come up in auto correct, and I didn't want to presume all fellow AFF'ers are readily familiar with BQB as a destination. But you all better get used to it as it's now on JQ's radar for the time being. And thanks, I've given the screenshot another go 🤞