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    Refitted 777-200 launched?

    Regarding the seatguru comments, the seats are all the same in width, all have TV in armrest and all armrests are not moveable. As a whole, the PE experience on NZ is very good (and in my opinion, superior to SQ). Why? Private lavatories for PE cabin fancy linen cloths instead of paper towels...
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    Refitted 777-200 launched?

    Called NZ and the rep said the 772 was the refit so I actually got a sweet deal on my PE fare and I'm thinking about making an offer on the return trip too as it will also be v2 B772 on the way back. Chur
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    Refitted 777-200 launched?

    Does anyone know which aircraft (registration number or whatever) has the upgraded product? Going to LA in October and hoping the refit is completed by then.
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    Virgin Australia’s ‘Design our Next Dish’ Competition

    Have you ever considered proof-reading?
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    Seat map for Refurbed 772ER

    Whoa some of the seats at the back are really tight.. 3cm less width in the couple window seats, 2cm less pitch in the aisle bank from Row 40 back! One would have to be very tactical if they were flying on this bird!
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    A330 - XFA/B - Refit?

    Erm how long has it been since you've traveled on an american airline? United, Delta, American are all shocking and closer to Jetstar and Tigerair than Virgin or Qantas. VA have a reasonable product on their A330s, superior service and way more modern planes than most of the US legacy carriers...
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    Virgin to offer Complimentary Food and Beverage MEL-SYD-BNE

    It's very simplistic to assume that NZ will not adjust their tactics in Australia considering the competition. Think what you want about NZ but the airline is very well run, is generally well-liked by their home market even though it essentially runs a monopoly especially on regional routes, and...
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    Priority luggage rant

    I've had it not come out within the first 5 minutes maybe like 1 time out of probably 12 trips this year. Normally pretty good. Had a flight arrive in MEL the same time as a flight from PER which screwed everything up and waited 30 minutes for luggage. But apart from that time, normally comes...
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    The disgraceful state of the MEL Lounge with no end in sight

    The entry desk moved a little while ago (within the past month) and is now on the right hand side of the entrance, rather than bang in the middle where it was prior.
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    The disgraceful state of the MEL Lounge with no end in sight

    Quelle horreur! Virgin is working on creating a larger lounge for guests! That is just plain shocking and unacceptable! haha
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    The disgraceful state of the MEL Lounge with no end in sight

    It wouldn't take much to clean that cough off, glycerin would make that thing SHINE
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    My Virgin Gold experience

    When you book your flight, I am pretty sure it says that you must travel with some form of ID. Virgin is actually pretty bad at asking for ID, I find Tiger and Jetstar much stricter when it comes to providing a form if ID. Mind you, I generally do web or mobile checkin so that means that there...
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    Complimentary meal on flights over 3 hours

    I had a meal on my SYD - PER flights, mind you the food coming back was a pretty poor vegetable ravioli. Other than that I thought the new rule was that flights over 2h45m had complimentary meals? Are any of the eastern seaboard flights over 3 hours?
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    VA to fly to SIN [Rumour?]

    That would require them moving away from their current short haul strategy, seems more of a Scoot thing than a Tigerair thing. Mind you SQ has little control over TZ/TT
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    Blood on the walls - vah full year results

    May seem confronting, but it's a reality. Tiger and Virgin are two very different value propositions. You don't want a customer who is used to the Virgin Experience to be shocked by the Tiger Experience. Tiger customers (should) know what they're in for, and same with Virgin customers. I don't...
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    Blood on the walls - vah full year results

    I think the quote was something along the lines of no TT would be sold via VA to avoid "Brand Contamination" To be fair, a lot of QF customers gripe about being funnelled on to JQ services and VA would want to avoid that.