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    QF website has no OOL via JetStar

    This is a bit painful for multi-segment flights where JQ don't fly (ie PER-MEL) and QF fly limited flights (MEL-LST), requiring juggling of schedules. I think from now on I'll be flying DJ! At least my baggage makes its own way through MEL and I don't get stung excess baggage on a mosquito...
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    QF on line check in - no time saver

    I use OLCI a lot, but every time I travel out of LST with QF they will swap over the boarding pass for a normal magnetic stripe one as "the online ones don't agree with our scanners"!
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    Y Pax using J toilets on QF Domestic

    On a 737 you have to wonder why you're wasting your money/points on upgrades. The service is hardly worth it and if you have the status then allocation of the exit row or immediately behind business class is fairly likely. On the topic: I figure if the curtain is back and I'm forward of the...
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    Qantas Introduces Bigger Planes and More Services to the West

    Hooray - though I'd like to see BNE-PER flights as all wide body as well. 5 hours in a 737 is too long! jaX
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    China Airlines Marketing Initiative

    Bit of a wasted effort for Qantas. Considering they use the red triangle as a marketing tool in any case (ie on:Q, Australian Way etc) the plane is immediately identifiable as ex-Qantas! jaX
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    Celeb on QF481

    Bob Dylan maybe? He's playing at the Burswood Dome tonight? jaX
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    Transit in Perth? Never again.

    Sounds like he got the double whammy at PER! The International and Domestic terminals are almost in different postcodes and the early morning queues for fly-in-fly-out workers. I've been stuck at the back of this queue for an early morning PER-MEL flight and I'm an early-bird getting there at...
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    Tiger Announce MEL-PER and MEL-ASP

    Good point. Or do what DJ did when they first started - set up a tent alongside the terminal! jaX
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    ONE SWP restrictions

    I did the Captain Cook Swan Valley tour with a mate last November. The wine was free flowing in both directions, and one of the crew members sang at the lunch venue and on the return voyage. It was well worth the money, and I'd highly recommend it. Also, while on the subject of Freo - Little...
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    Free wireless in the QP

    A quick check here: Flying with Us - Qantas Club - Business Facilities Shows that LST is not on the list for wireless hotspots. Given that LST QF flights are down to 2 Dash 8 flights a day and the occasional 737 for the footy, I wouldn't expect that there'd be much effort to improve the...
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    Free wireless in the QP

    Trust me, it's not a small area! I was a whole floor below the QP at an un-named airport and still managed 50 - 75% signal from the hotspot ;) jaX
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    Free wireless in the QP

    There's a fair amount of signal leakage from most wireless access points, so a non-QP member who happens to be nearby the access points outside the QP may also get access ;) jaX
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    Security screening AFTER the flight?

    Be alert, not alarmed. Now where's that fridge magnet... jaX
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    Security screening AFTER the flight?

    This process for flights from BWT to MEL has been in place for some time. Certainly well before 9/11, even back as far as the late 1980s/early 1990s when security at other larger regional airports was improved (ie the pen at LST). The lack of QF flights to BWT means its unlikely the...
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    JQ booking made through QF

    I've made a made a mixed JQ/QF booking through QF and I've been trying to get onto the Jetstar site to preselect a seat, however it won't let me on. I put the JQ PNR in the Skylights engine and it keeps returning the following error: Any ideas why? Or are Jetstar just lazy in how QF bookings...
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    Perth Airport

    Don't Qantas do this now with their shuttle?? Flying with Us - At the Airport - Airport Guide - Perth Domestic Airport Perth Airport
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    Perth Airport

    LOL! But seriously, how hard would it to put a road in so we don't have to travel out Great Eastern and along Tonkin Hwys. Even the longish journey down Horrie Millar is a PITA. It can be a nightmare to get from the domestic to international terminals - particularly if there is an event or...
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    Bumped Onto Jetstar To Japan

    Why don't we have this kind of discussion about other discount carriers? The problem as I see it with JQ (Dom or Int) is that it will be forever viewed as QantasLite. If you're at a regional airport and flying JQ then this perception is most visible when the checkin, baggage and ground crew...
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    Priceline (US)

    I've used Priceline for a couple of UK trips, thanks to my very British and very tight-fisted boss, and it worked flawlessly. I managed to get rooms in LON and MAN for < £40 per night, which made my boss very happy! The booking worked flawlessly and there were no problems on any of the trips...
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    Security proof shoes and belts?

    Another tip is to cross your hands in front of you and over your belt buckle as you walk through the detector. If you're without a watch this usually stops the belt buckle being picked up. The only place this hasn't worked was DXB, which seems to have unusally sensitive detectors. Cheers, jaX