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    Qantas A330-200 Business Class Seats

    Hi all, Could I please ask a question which I am sure one of you knowledgeable people will be able to answer, as unable to find it on a site search. We are travelling MEL-CNS next year on the Qantas A330-200 in Business Class. I am trying to find out if the centre seats still have a FIXED...
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    Free Qantas Wine voucher $25

    Hi, Have a Qantas Wine voucher for $25 for any order over $100 for November only. First to PM will receive. Thanks.
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    Free 1 $30 QF Hotels Voucher

    Hi, I have one QF $30 Hotel Voucher available, must be booked before 30th November. Please PM for voucher details, first to reply gets the voucher.
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    Lord Howe Island flights Classic Rewards

    Can anyone tell me whether Qantas still has Classic Flight Rewards for Lord Howe Island flights ex Sydney? Used to be 16,000 points return. Did some searching but can only bring up the 81,000 points one way, I am a little confused and would appreciate any advice. Understand that any award...
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    Free 1 x $25 Jetstar Hotel Voucher

    Hi, have one Jetstar Hotel Voucher for $25 off hotel booking, expires in 14 days, please PM if interested. Thank you.
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    Coffee vs Tea on Qantas

    On a recent MEL-SYD flight with Qantas, I requested a cup of black tea. The tea supplied had a distinct coffee smell, evidently from the jug having been previously used for coffee. A new tea was requested and supplied. Now I love a coffee, but there are times when I just want a cup of tea. This...
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    Flights to Broome ex Melbourne

    Hi, Travelling with my partner from Melbourne to Broome around 12th August, followed by a flight to Darwin before returning home. The only direct flights from Melbourne (hate transfers!) appears to be Qantas QF1050 at 0700. My questions are whether the fares on this route are likely to change...
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    Fiji Airways vs Qantas fares

    Hi all, Comparing prices for Business class travel from Melbourne to Nadi next April, I am bemused at the apparent difference in prices quoted by each airline for what I would think are effectively the same seats, operated by Fiji Airways. Return flights on QF in business are $1,871, on Fiji...
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    Qantas Flight Change

    Hi, I had a booking with Qantas on QF 95 Melb to LAX on 10th June. Managed to get Premium Economy seats on points for my wife and I. Have now been advised that we will be flying to Sydney on QF 438, and then on QF17 Sydney to LA, thus making a much longer trip. Can anyone explain what has...
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    Qantas Red E Deal Flight Cancellation

    Hi all, Having perused past posts without finding a clear answer, I am in need of your assistance. My partner and her sister booked flights Melb - Cairns return for later this year on a Qantas Red E-deal. Due to changed family circumstances, they are now going to have to cancel the flights. I...
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    Advice please QF MEL to LAX and return

    Hi all, I have been reading these posts for years, and have learnt much from such a dedicated group of travellers, and have been able to use the good advice from Frequent flyer to get the best seats, etc. Can I please ask some advice. My son and his wife, together with their 18 month old son...