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    J seat allocation

    Just booked ADL-DRW return (flexi) and used just under 10,000 points to upgrade to J over the phone. The amicable agent ran through the benefits of upgrading to Business (like I didn't know already!) but I was surprised to be told I couldn't pre-allocate seats until 14 days out. Is this really...
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    VA - a value proposition?

    Just went ahead and looked at flights to CNS for next year (out on Monday 9 July, return Monday 23 July) and was surprised by what I found for travel during this peak period. DJ; saver; tea, coffee and water; 23kg baggage $24 extra: ADL-CNS (VIA SYD) $285 CNS-ADL (VIA SYD) $229 TOTAL: $538...
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    Qantas Heritage Collection history

    I visited the Qantas Heritage Collection museum in SYD T3 quite some time ago and was impressed by the views of the tarmac on offer. It's a really appealing, airy space. Which made me think, was this once used as a lounge? I know it's not huge, but could it have been used as a Chairmans Lounge...