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    Load on QF 1030 BNE-BME?

    My wife and I are flying BNE-BME on Aug. 19 direct flt QF 1030. I have dropped back to QF gold she is QF silver. Can any members that have better access than I tell me if we might be lucky enough to have a spare seat next to us? Looks to be light load but am not sure? Have 4 A and 4C on the...
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    JQ MR (Mileage Run)

    Hi all, I have booked a JQ star class OOL-CNS-KIX-CNS-OOL. As the JQ flts change on the CNS-KIX & KIX-CNS leg I should pick up about 360 status points for about $1,400.This is on a Mon Dep OOL and a Sun rtn from KIX in June. $3.90 per status credit is great ! Or have I got it wrong? Thks...
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    Done 4 in Nov

    Hi All, Long time reader of this great site, seldom poster. I turn the big 50 in Nov and am planning a RTW Done 4 then. I was thinking of start/finish in AKL due to cost? But can move it if there are better alternatives? I am in BNE so positioning flts are not too expensive to AKL. I have run my...