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    Qatar 50% redemption discount

    Has anyone else received an email from Qatar Priviledge Club regarding an up to 50% discount on points redemptions booked in December?
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    Best house ever?!

    This Man Lives In A Boeing 727 In The Middle Of The Woods | The Mind Unleashed Interesting!
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    Using First Lounge invitation flying JQ domestic

    I've tried searching for this answer, but it's not clear. I have a couple of First Lounge passes and I've offered them to a friend who is flying JQ with his girlfriend SYD to MEL at my suggestion as they have never been to the First Lounge before. Are the passes valid for entry on a JQ flight...
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    Qatar Business Companion Fare Sale

    Got an email from Qatar about a business class companion fare about an hour ago. I've tried some Ex-HK routes and the booking engine doesn't yet seem to recognise the companion fares. Has anyone else received it? It seems only for travel out of selected ports, none in Australia though. Text...
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    Hello All

    Hi, Frequent traveller but a relative newbie when it comes to maximising point usage. Generally pay for J class from SYD to Europe and use points for upgrades on SYD to Asia flights. Looking forward to discovering better ways to fly.