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    Qantas Cash survey

    Wondering if anyone else had this survey sent to their email too?? Received this survey this morning
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    Award tickets questions??

    I am new to awards redeem of flights.. Wondering if anyone can advise.. I do know how to redeem flights on either Qantas or Virgin Australia online (got an account on each of them), but got a query.. How long will it take to issue a confirmed awards ticket sent to my email address from the time...
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    Urgent help required!!

    I am travelling on a international flight (Outbound) on Nov 9, but now I read the news saying there is a 24 hr strike with the Border force.. should I be concerned and change my flight to avoid it or if not.. how to beat that situation (I will check in online).. Help!! Tom
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    CX104 connect to CX888 times at HKG time worry??

    Hi.. I have a ticket to Vancouver from Melbourne on CX flight.. as it is the first time I will be doing a connecting service.. I am worried that I will miss the connecting flight to Vancouver due to delays in Melbourne.. Is 3hrs 15 enough for connection at HKG and is CX104 generally punctual out...
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    Qantas cash forenign currency incorrect points

    I had been given the $1000 worth of points in the april to june promotion (2000 points), despite I loaded $2500!! which is 5000 points! what can I do??:confused:
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    Qantas Cash double points april 2015 payment

    Hello.. just wondering if any of you had received the bonus double points from Qantas for the April 2015 double points promotion.. as of Jun 30, 2015, I still haven't received it.. :(
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    Select Q-Eat International economy March 2015

    I am heading to HKG from Melbourne for 2 weeks.. Departure is March 2015 and normal economy class.. I like to ask will Select Q-Eat meals be available then?? It is QF29 and QF30.. please advice.. Thanks!! :)
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    Qantas Cash regular use

    I am asking out of curiosity.. do any of you use the card very frequently within Australia.. I don't mean as in a travel money card overseas, but domestically as I have never seen any use it as a pretty cash card for day to day purchases to earn the points.. I do use it in replacement of bank...
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    Hello.. I am Tom and new member.. I don't fly a lot but I am a QF member.. hope to talk to you all in future conversations...