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    DSC offer for flights before end Feb 22

    I booked a few reward tickets when the last DSC offer was current for flights taken before the end of Feb 2022. Given all the current lockdowns etc do you think there is any likelihood of QF allowing a date change that would take the date AFTER original final date and be when hopefully there...
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    What will happen when i arrive in Fremantle?

    Out of the sky and onto the water, I am on a cruise ship that left the Seychelles 16 days ago, stopped in Columbo for bunkering and resupply where no one came on board or hopped off as Sri Lanka had closed it borders to cruise passengers. We were heading to Asia previously but with current...
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    New Boarding question?

    Yesterday I was lined up at gate 22 in CNS for JQ flight to OOL and at the boarding desk, when my boarding pass was scanned, I was asked (as I had exit row seat) had I sat in an exit row previously, I responded "yes" and then I was asked what I thought was a strange question "How long ago" or...
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    ATM that dispenses $US

    Can anybody help out with info on any ATM in Aus that dispenses $US, the ANZ used to have a few around the place but they have all disappeared and also the CBA had some (Brisbane Queen St Mall and others) but they were also removed about six months ago. I did find an article on google that said...
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    Qantas dividend to increase? [JQ Scratch Cards]

    Noticed that JQ is running a scratch & win competition with "gift cards" sold on board, They are selling 250,000 @$5.00 each ($1,250,000 total) and the total prize pool (including 3,500 FREE replacement gift cards and 3,500 HOT DRINKS is valued at JUST UNDER $50,000 by Qantas. This may leave...
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    No lounge access for QC members with Airnorth redemption seats

    I booked a redemption ticket online, JQ from OOL-CNS and then TL (Airnorth) CNS-GVE for flight today, just arrived CNS earlier this morning and was informed by the "lounge guardian" that had I not arrived on the JQ flight, I would not have qualified for lounge entry prior to the CNS-GVE sector...
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    Oneworld Explorer ticketing

    My Platinum expires in Nov and I was thinking about doing a Business class OW Explorer trip, originating in South Africa or Egypt that would be reasonably economical and be enough SC to qualify for Platinum again (after my Plat has expired, so that when I re-qualify I will hold the Plat until...
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    "Duty Free Pricing"

    As reported in the Aus.(P3) yesterday, with the indexed rise of excise or duty on alcohol, the government take on a 700ml spirit bottle is now $21.60. At DM a bottle (700ml) of Gordon's Gin is $31.95, so without the excise it would be $10.35 or are my maths not correct. Are we getting ripped at...
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    Munich BA Galleries Lounge (worst ever)

    I had the miss fortune to visit the MUC BA lounge on Tuesday morning, hardly any food, and absolutely the worst dirty lounge furniture i have ever experienced. Was on way back to Oz on QR via DOH, J was full out of MUC and only less than 10 pax in Y, strange that the FA gave us a "Premiem Lounge...
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    Redemption ticket with OW Visit Europe Pass

    Just wondering if anyone has ever tried to purchase a "visit Europe pass" in conjunction with booking a redemption ticket? Could be difficult with a OW 280K ticket, but could work with a "partner redemption"? Any thoughts.
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    CUBA Embargo

    Qantas ticketing still have an embargo on issuing any tickets that include travel from the US to Cuba (on OW partner AA) Any body seem to know why this is as the US Govt obviously does not have an embargo any more and AA are flying there. Is it just the internal guideline is out of date and...
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    Posting of Qatar flights to activity statement

    I did a Qatar flight from ADL-DOH which was part of a OW redemption ticket and also an onward flight DOH to BRU which was booked separately as a partner one way redemption, both were end of September and no activity has posted to my statement, even to say (no points), redemption flight. As they...
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    Airline lounge WiFi speeds

    Just returned from LAX this morning, sitting in BNE Bus lounge, the download speed (as tested by is 1.23Mbps and the upload speed is 11.46Mbps. The F lounge at Tom bradley had a staggering download speed of 69.13Mbps and upload of 36.05 Mbps, What are others experiences here and...
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    Large carry on aa

    Presently sitting in LAX F lounge, just waiting for QF16 in about 10 drinks time, I was on a AA flight from ORD-LAX today and always continue to be amazed by the size of the carry on bags that AA allow, especially for smaller size women, who seem to have the larger bags and seem to be u nable...
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    Cheaper to book through Qantas Hotels?

    I was just checking the HH points cost for an Exec room 1 night 18th to 19th Sept on HH site and comparing the cost to booking the same room on Quantas Hotels and paying with QFF points, it looks a lot cheaper to book the same room with QFF points, eg the Exec room is 65,807 QFF points ( and...
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    Difference on taxes SYD-SCL compared to SCL-SYD?

    Just having a look at taxes on econ reward for the above sectors, can anybody offer suggestions ( or excuses) as to why the tax from SCL to SYD is basically DOUBLE , when compared to the SYD-SCL sector, in round figures about A$200 compared to A$400 ( the SCL-SYD is from the QF Chile website and...
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    Using Google Flights

    Does anybody have any experience using google flights and a VPN and looking for pricing from another location, not sure how google flights handles this and I would be interested in any general or specific comments re using google flights "to find bargains". From what i have seen so far i like...
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    Ailne Carriers liability Insurance

    Would be interested to hear some "legal comment" re any pax who are killed in a terrorist bombing either after they have checked in or waiting to check in (in line) Would they be covered by carriers liability cover?
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    Smart Gate in Singapore for Australians

    I read some earlier posts about this being available to Aussies now and thought an update would be appropriate as I have just done the registration in Singapore yesterday. The original info provided stated that 3 arrivals into Singapore were required in the last 12 months to be able to...
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    Salad bar in qf lounges [low glass screens]

    Not sure if i am just somebody who complains or someone who likes to see things improved (if they can be) i have pointed out to lounge staff over the past couple of years, the near impossible task of taking food from the rear row on the salad (cold food) server in most lounges, if you are a...