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    Most Obscure Commercial Airline That You have Flown

    Flew on Governors Aviation in Kenya from Wilson Airport in Nairobi to Musiara (Masai Mara). They fly Cessna caravans to various locations. On the return trip the pilot let me sit up front in the coughpit, strictly advising me not to touch anything. Was a great experience!
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    Qantas Birthday special

    Re: Qantas Birthday offers I got one today as well but no triple points offer :(
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    IHG Accelerate Q1 2017

    My Offer not terrible. Have just booked 6 nights in Fiji within the promo period which will cover most of the offers plus a night in Sydney before to cover the 2 stays. Easy done. Earn 50,800 total bonus points. Complete all your offers to get 50,800 total bonus points. 3,600 - Earn More...
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    Intercon Japan Sale question

    Stayed there last year, excellent staff and close access to the JR Station and monorail.
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    Japan Sim Card options

    Depending on what your intentions are maybe look into a Pocket Wifi. Hired one for about $11 a day unlimited data @ 75MB/s and multiple users can use the same device. Obviously not suitable for mobile calls but was very reliable for all data use and face time etc
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    Take away food from lounge

    Agree i have taken water, fruit or packaged items out for activities later in the day but certainly never taken containers for meals later on. I think it depends on your location too, and some lounges do encourage you to take stuff with you for morning tea (muffins and pastries etc), but never...
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    Qantas Club - feedback for management

    I dont think it is unreasonable to expect breakfast offerings until 10-11am to be honest (unless advertised). Most cafes and restaurants offer breakfast menus up until this time. Eggs I dont see as a breakfast only option anyway. Love a good Egg sandwich with a bit of relish and salad, or the...
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    QF status challenge question

    How does one get offered this challenge, purely random or can you request it?
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    Favorite travel gear/premium brands like Crumpler, Bellroy, etc.

    Simply love my Bellroy Travel Wallet. Had for over 2 years now and still as good as new, easily the best all round wallet ive owned. And i use it daily and dont find it too big at all.
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    What Does Everyone Do Here ??

    Currently a Project specialist managing logistics for an ICT transformation. Previous role was for Fed Govt installing network equipment in offices mostly around Aus and some international. Current role does not come with as much travel unfortunately.
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    IHG properties in New York

    We stayed at the CP The Hamilton is DC and was very happy with this. Not too far to walk to see all the museums/monuments etc. In Chicago we stayed at the CP Metro Downtown. Again the rooms were great but was a bit of a walk to get into Chicago Central but if you dont mind a good walk in the...
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    IHG properties in New York

    We stayed at the Times Square Intercon and loved it, was looking to stay at the Barclay Intercon on E 48th & Park Ave because of cost but they were doing renovations in Sept 14 so that may be a fresher hotel. I wouldnt hesitate to stay in TS again, but at the same time i wouldnt hesitate to...
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    USA to Canada car hire questions

    We just flew into Buffalo from Boston, hired a car from there and drove up to Toronto, back to Niagara and then dropped the car back at the airport on the way out. No problem driving into Canada either with the hire car from Hertz. Some companies can be very specific about 1 way charges...
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    Where to stay in LA, LV, SF and NY

    Just note that the breakfast is at the Holiday Inn Express. Included in the rate and the food is decent enough and have a reasonable range. Certainly good to get you on your way early to sightseeing and not having to look out for somewhere to stop for breakfast.
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    Where to stay in LA, LV, SF and NY

    +1 for the Holiday Inn Express at Fishermans Wharf SF. In fact during our 8 week trip we stayed in a few HI and HIE and was never disappointing, in fact probably some of the most comfortable beds/pillows ive slept on (maybe be personal preference however). Certainly value for money and would...
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    The United States Of Eating - US (and Toronto) Aug/Sep 2016

    Couple of favorites from our trip. Vegas - Stratosphere Restaurant. Little pricey but great food, and a great way to get an excellent view of Vegas. I suggest booking for dinner early so when you are seated, you can see the city in day, and by the time it revolves you get to see it in the night...
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    Mini-Bar vs Fridge

    Trick i learnt when staying in Vegas (but will apply equally anywhere that has ice machines) to keep alcohol cold. Fill up the sink with ice from the ice machine, and use it like an esky, plenty of space to keep stuff cold. Use the shower/bath taps to wash hands etc if/when required.
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    Double Bay Club Intercontinental

    Just wondering if anyone had experienced the Club IC at Double Bay. I have a AMB cert to use and have stayed there before which I quite enjoyed but did not have the pleasure of using the Club. Wondering if I bother trying it, or just stay with the superb view of the Sydney IC. Wife and I have...
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    What are airports missing?

    Definitely a Barber. Most guys are in and out within 20-30 mins or less. Not sure if there would be enough time to kill for a hairdresser, but maybe one of those Blo Dry bars as well. Not sure on the charges vs rent however. I suppose $40 max is what id pay for the convenience and not sure if...
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    Are other airlines also as bad as Qantas?

    I had a J flight cancelled on me too recently from CBR. Was flying to BNE on a Saturday and specifically picked a 717 J flight as it was direct. Day before QF cancels that flight and replaces it with a D8-400 all Y at the exact same time. Ended up re routing via SYD because i wanted the class...