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    Any updates on Melbourne T3 redevelopment?

    Has there been much news/updates on the planned redevelopment of MEL T3? Haven't passed by for a while. Their blog last year said everything should be completed by mid 2019...
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    Linking Velocity number to SQ reward booking

    Hi there. I have transferred some velocity points to kris flyer to secure a reward seat on SQ. I keep trying to change my FF number to my velocity number in my booking but it never sticks. Always reverts back to my Kris Flyer number. Anyone know how else I can change it? I am Platinum with...
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    SQ 777-300ER First Class Update

    Does anyone know if all the SQ 777-300ER aircraft have now been updated with the new(ish) First Class fit out? Was looking at treating mum to an award flight and keen to show her the newer First Class cabins. If they have not all been updated, does anyone know if/when they will all be...
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    Different Treatment as an Upgrade Customer

    I flew PER-SYD flexi recently and used one of my complimentary upgrades to J more than 24 hours prior to departure. During the meal service, I asked what dish I would like, when I responded, I was told that I would have to wait for everyone else to give their selection as only certain amount of...
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    EY Pyjamas & mattress J Class PER-AUH?

    Hi all, Has anyone flown EY J Class From PER-AUH and can confirm if pyjamas and mattress are offered in J on the PER-AUH-PER legs? I read somewhere that it is only offered for flights greater than 10 hours, but I also recall reading somewhere that the PER-AUH was excluded. Thanks
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    AKL International Koru Lounge Replacement- Any Updates?

    Has there been any more update on the new lounge at AKL? Last reports were that it was due to open this month. It is meant to be a totally new lounge in a different location of the terminal.
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    Add Checked Luggage while in Transit?

    I am flying back from LAX-AKL-PER later this month. I am flying J with Air New Zealand so am entitled to 3 checked bags. I will be checking in 1 bag through to PER in LAX. However, I would like to also bring back something from AKL. I have a 8 hour transit and want to know if I can check in...
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    PE ticket questions- PER-SYD-LAX-LAS

    I am flying on a PE ticket from PER-SYD-LAX-LAS vv. O class. Does anyone know what the SC earn is for the domestic legs PER-SYD and LAX-LAS? The LAX-LAS is on DL but on VA flight number. Also, I have a short connection time in Sydney, do you know if WP flying PE is entitled to an Express Path...
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    VA WP Experience on SQ under KF Number

    Hi all. I have no status with KF on SQ, however have used my KF number on an upcoming booking PER-SIN-HKG-SIN-PER as I am wanting to use my KF points to upgrade one of the legs to Bus Class. If I simply show my VA WP card at checkin, lounge, gate, will I be entitled to Priority Checkin...
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    Conrad Singapore as Diamond - Room Upgrades

    Quick question, with the common theme being only a one level upgrade for Diamond members, anyone been upgraded to the President Suite when booking 1 Bed Exec Suite? If so, is it very common? Or is the 1 bed exec suite the highest room possible (then I might as well just book the 1 bed exec...
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    A330 - XFA/B - Refit?

    I have drawn the short straw and find myself on a XFA/B aircraft for an upcoming PER-SYD flight in J. I read somewhere on the forum, rumours that these aircraft were being removed from service for a refit over the last few months. Has anyone travelled this aircraft in the last couple of weeks...
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    WP shadow on VA?

    Does any one know, or have experienced the a regular WP shadow on VA services? There is a lot of talk about this on the QF threads. Seems fairly common, albeit a non published benefit. Cheers
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    Book flight using CX MP number but request upgrade with QFF Points?

    Hi all, I need to book a flight but want to use my CX FF number as I need to SC/Miles, but want to use my QFF points to upgrade to biz. Anyone tried to book initially with QF FF number, confirm the upgrade and then change the booking FF number to CX? Did it work? Any issues issuing the BP or...
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    QF Lounge Access as MP Gold

    Hi all, I have a family member who is CX Marco Polo Gold at present. One of the OW benefits are access to Business Class lounges. When she travels QF domestic, does lounge access then also allow for Business Class lounge entry or QP?
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    Refund on Travel Bank Question

    Hi all, just a quick hypothetical question. If I purchase a fare for my mother to visit me and for some reason we decide to cancel the flight, as I paid for the fare for her, would the refund go to my travel bank? I would assume it would go back to the passenger (my mum), but does the system...
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    Credit Card Surcharge Change?

    Went to make a domestic booking tonight PER-BNE return, I thought the credit card surcharge was $7.70 per person per booking. When I selected credit card it is now say $15.40 the breakdown being $14 fee and $1.40 GST. Is this new, or have I always paid $15.40 but never noticed?
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    Waiver of Change Fee as Platinum

    Has anyone had success changing a Saver Lite fare to Flexi in order to avail of a Comp Upgrade and have the GCC waive the $80 change fee?
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    Amex Platinum Charge Card Air Fare Benefits?

    Was wondering if anyone has had any worth while fare savings &/or benefits by going through the Amex travel concierge to book their domestic or international flights? Is it any better than booking direct via the airline websites? Thanks in advance.
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    Virgin Lounge Extension at BNE

    Was travelling through BNE last night and noticed a frosted door at the end of the main terminal (before turning left for gates 43+). The writing on the door said something about building a better lounge. Looking at through the crack in the door, doesn't look like anything special. Does anyone...
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    SQ flight on VA flight number, check in question

    I will be travelling PER to HKG, but to capitalise on SC, I will be flying PER-MEL-SIN-HKG all on a VA flight number, but the MEL-SIN-HKG will be on SQ metal. Flying in Y. When I check in at PER, I presume my bags get checked through to HKG, but do I get all my boarding passes at that time...