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    Anniversary Holiday to Tahiti/ Moorea/ Bora Bora

    When the wife rang me to say there were tickets booked for a child-free trip to Tahiti, she was only mildly surprised when my 1st query was which airline & what aircraft. Air Tahiti Nui gets their 787s later this year & whilst this dismayed my wife (oh god what old planes are we going to be...
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    Upgrades/ Lounge passes in Auckland airport 1st week of July?

    HI AFF community, this is awful cheeky for a first post, but I've been a keen lurker for a month or so now, reading threads like Ask The Pilot/ Crew - fast becoming a firm AFF fan (even if I don't fit the Frequent Flyer description much anymore. Im taking the wife to Rarotonga 1st week of July...